Nexbox Android TV box gives one single platform for all your media needs.

I’m addicted to watching television. Whether it’s binge watching a favorite show or brushing up on a favorite movie trilogy, I can always carve out much-needed time to escape the rigors of everyday life if one for a few short hours. One of the downsides that there are so many different options for my viewing pleasure. I am a die hard advocate of cord cutting. I refuse to pay for Cable or Satellite programming. I’m am ok with all internet based options, but being able to access all on one stand alone platform is a serious issue. My current situation is that I’m switching back and forth between several different platforms to meet all of my needs.

Nexbox A95X Android TV Box REVIEW

Minutes after setting up the Nexbox A95X, that all changed. The set up was easy. After removing the power cord, included HDMI cable (who includes a cable? That will buy my loyalty), and the TV box and plugging everything into the corresponding ports, I was ready to go. The TV box itself surprised me. It is a little smaller than an Apple TV and half its width. It looks like yet another portable hard drive on my entertainment center. There are a lot of connection options packed into the sides of the tiny box. On the back, there is the power, an AV jack, and LAN. The side has two USB ports and a Micro SD card slot, meaning that the 8 GB of internal storage can’t hold you back with options to add on quite a bit of external storage. The user interface is pretty straightforward, even for someone like me who isn’t very familiar with the Android operating system. Set up and connecting to my Wifi was quick and painless once I plugged in my wireless keyboard and mouse. There is an onscreen keyboard that you can you but I tend to use the quickest and most efficient way possible.

I usually just download my TV shows from torrents and stream them from my Mac to my Playstation 4, but with the Showbox app that you can install on Android devices, I have no need to worry about any complications. Unlike my Apple TV, I can install just about any streaming app, including competitors.

Nexbox A95X Android TV Box REVIEW

With my keyboard and mouse connected to the A95X, I can do my basic task that I would in a computer as well. Browsing the web on a large screen is very satisfying. Social media, especially with the apps installed, is a little bit more fulfilling. Playing some of the games from the google play store are way more appealing on a larger screen. It does tend to be a little tricky initially until getting used to using the trackpad.

After just a few days with Nexbox’s A95X android tv box, I’m smitten with it. I did feel a little twinge of sadness disconnecting my beloved Apple TV’s HDMI cable to permanently install the A95X. I was able to free up a lot of much-needed shelf space on my entertainment center. Now it’s time to sit back and ignore the world and get lost in completely different ones.

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