A fun option for notetaking.

Recently, I spent some extended time with my niece. She was asking me for help with her writing homework. I realized that it wasn’t anything like when I was growing up. Students no longer get the fun writing prompts where you trace the shapes of the letters adding a little bit more each time until you have it perfected. There are no funny pictures of a dinosaur next to the letter D. This saddened me a little bit. The kids get laptops at an early age, but nothing to make learning fun. I had just recently received some drawing tablets that I was just for leaving notes on my refrigerator to let my wife know that I drank all of the milk. I decided to make this fun for my nice and use the tablets for her studies.

The first one that I tried was Newyes Electronic Memo Pad. The Memo Pad boasts a 10-inch screen that is plenty big for any age group to utilize. The overall profile is very slim and actually slimmer than a newer iPhone.  This is nice but it doesn’t make the Memo Pad very rugged. The plastic case around the screen is the most sturdy piece. The LCD display is just in the frame with no backing plate, which made me feel like I was going to break it daily.

The operation was fairly simple. There are only two buttons — one for power and one to erase the content on the screen. The on/off button functions as a lock for the screen to save whatever was drawn or written on the screen last. The included stylus, that has a cloth loop to hold it in place for storage and elastic cable so you don’t lose it, feels like a standard pen or pencil. Writing with the stylus was simple. When using the stylus it didn’t matter whether my niece used more or less pressure, the lines were consistent. While this did make her feel more like a big kid it didn’t perform very well in bright areas or dark areas. On the package it showed the ability to have different colors on the screen there weren’t any included instructions, nor any more buttons beside the two to clear the screen. This was a definite drawback for trying to get my niece into writing. The fun colors would have helped a lot.  The Electronic Memo Pad claims to have the usability of 100,000 pages, I couldn’t possibly try this out anytime soon. The battery compartment is accessible, so changing the small flat better would be a simple task if it ever needs it. 

The second one that I tried seemed more basic. While it till had a 10” it had an even smaller and slimmer profile. The included stylus clicks into the frame for easy storage. The LCD Writing Tablet has the standard lock button to save the image and an erase button to clear the screen, I also has a partial delete button which lightens the image with each click. My niece really liked this for her drawing. Minor victory. The product box states that you can write I. Colorful lines, but with no included instructions and only 3 buttons we sadly weren’t able to use this feature either.  

While this wasn’t a total victory as far as the functionality of the tablets, it did boost her self confidence because she felt like a big kid. I will just stick to using them to leave notes for my wife on the fridge. 

For more information, visit newsyes.com/parterase, newyes.com/10inch, and Facebook.