Ulefone to Spread U-Launcher from Ulefone Paris to Most Models

NEWS: Ulefone U-Launch for All Models 3Ulefone, one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality mobile devices and accessories in China, announced that they will build their U-launcher in all phone models coming later this year in an effort to improve user experiences. The custom Android launcher will also be pushed to Ulefone Be Touch 2 through wireless updates which are expected to be released in a couple of days.

U-launcher was first installed on Ulefone Paris and the company’s video presentation shows that it mainly provides a themes store, extra screen with camera window and photo timeline, as well as an app icon organizer.

The theme store contains plenty of free themes which can change the appearance of app icons and wallpapers. The camera window allows users to take photos with both front and back cameras without having to opening the camera app. And after that the photo can be simply shared to social media right on the timeline. What’s special in the app organizer is that it enables you choose more than one to-be-moved apps first and then choose the target screen.

Ulefone says they will provide more user-friendly functions via U-launcher and also beautify its appearance in the future.

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