Stacked – Introducing the First Truly Wireless Charging Ecosystem

STACKED, a consumer electronics and design company that evolves consumers from wired to wireless charging, is excited to announce the availability of the STACK PACK, the first truly wireless charging ecosystem for the iPhone® 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus. The ecosystem consists of a case, Power Pack and AC wireless wall-charging plug, solving the modern day issue of being chained to cords.

STACKED eliminates the need for cords from the lives of iPhone users. The all-too-familiar feeling of sifting through a bag, crawling under a desk or standing tethered to the wall to charge a phone is now obsolete. STACKED advances the busy lives of mobile users by enabling both a full charge and connectivity at all times, without a life full of wires.

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The shortest distance between two points is no distance at all. STACKED charges faster than any other technology because it comes in direct contact with the phone. The beauty of the bundle system is that the Power Pack is what needs to be recharged, not the phone itself. The Power Pack is recharged via the included AC wall adapter, which allows up to five Power Packs to be charged at once. Users can now maintain an arsenal of wireless charging solutions at their disposal at all times.

The magnetic wireless charging technology is built into each case and Power Pack. STACKED is the first wireless charging ecosystem to charge the iPhone with 99% efficiency as if it was plugged directly into the wall. The removable 2750mAh Power Pack quickly and efficiently charges to 100% anywhere, anytime. Other “wireless” technologies take up to two to three times as long to charge the iPhone.

Stronger doesn’t have to mean bigger. The slim STACKED iPhone case offers simple wire free charging and full phone protection without adding bulk. The patented secure slide lock offers thin yet resilient protection for the iPhone.

NEWS: Stacked Wireless Charger for iPhone Now Available 2

The one-piece case design is extremely user friendly. Simply pop in the iPhone, slide the connector closed and you’re ready for wire free charging.

At the heart of the STACKED iPhone case is the magnetic charging connector which is built directly into the back of the slim case. This magnetic connector is what allows the Power Pack to easily, and wirelessly charge the iPhone while offering full protection.

The STACK PACK made for iPhone® 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus is currently available for $129.99 at Available in white, black, or gold.

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