In order to take advantage of this feature, you need the newest iPhone 6s series phones with 3D Touch.

Below are some details for the updates.

Scanner Pro
Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner. It shines on the new iPhone 6s because of the new 12MP camera – the scan quality is just outstanding. Moreover, we’ve added Quick Actions so after hard pressing on Scanner Pro icon you can instantly make a “New Scan” or select the one from Photo Library. This is an amazing experience to improves the speed and quality while using Scanner Pro.

Spark is our latest product that cures email mess. Quick Actions in Spark make the most important actions just one tap away, improving the whole user experience once again.

  • New Email – now it’s much easier and faster to create a new mail.
  • Smart Search – By the way, Smart Search can be used to find anything you want in human language -“email with a PDF file from Alex” will find all emails from Alex with PDF attachments.
  • Attachments folder to browse through them.
  • Calendar – open calendar widget to see what’s happening.

PDF Expert 5 and Documents apps also get Quick Actions support that are similar.

  • Documents-3dtouchRecently Opened – gives you access to the recent files
  • Favorites – important files just 1 tap away.
  • Search. You can do full text search right away, and it’s much more powerful than iOS 9 Spotlight search, since it can search the files body.
  • Open Browser (only in Documents)

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