Charge your phone on the go with Nomad Wallet.

NEWS: Nomad Wallet Available for Pre-Order 2Known for their minimalistic lifestyle products, Nomad has again created a wonderful new product – the Nomad Wallet. The newley launched Wallet is a bi-fold wallet made with black saffiano leather that features a 2400mAh Li-ion Battery in its folds. This is enough for nearly a full charge of the iPhone 6s and more than a full charge for older iPhone models. It has an integrated Lightning cable for quick, easy charging of your iPhone. The cable is, of course, certified by Apple so there should be no connectivity problems for iPhone users.

Designed to be as thin as possible, the Wallet is about the thickness of a traditional tri-fold wallet. It will hold up to five credit cards, an ID, three business cards, and 10 bills in addition to its slim battery. Nomad was really striving to match what men were already using and didn’t want to make it ‘bulky’ at all.

NEWS: Nomad Wallet Available for Pre-Order 3A couple of very interesting facts about the Nomad Wallet – it is designed to pass Airport security checks and is 100% compliant with carry-on battery standards; it’s also designed to fit the 500 euro bill, the largest bill size in the world. So, no matter where you may wander, Nomad Wallet can go right along with you.

Nomad Wallet is now available for pre-order for $79 – $20 less than it’s retail price of $99. It will start shipping November 15 and will be available for retail sale in Best Buy stores.

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