Accessories accentuate the Apple Watch design.

We are excited to announce the product company, Nomad, has launched two new products this week – the Strap and the Pod Pro. Nomad has a strict vision as a company of creating minimalist, practical tools that keep users powered on the go. They design products that are meant to seamlessly integrate into users’ lifestyles.

The Strap is a rugged, classic strap built for the Apple Watch. It’s made from high quality Italian leather and designed to evolve as you wear it so that it looks classic and not old. The Strap’s Pre-V shape was chosen because it complements the sleek Apple Watch design. The buckle is made from stainless steel and a durable secure screw pin mechanism. Strap was designed to rival the style of Swiss classics. Currently, the Strap is made to fit the 42mm Apple Watch (all versions). As of today, you can pre-order Strap for a discounted price of $119 until September 30. After that, Strap goes to its full price of $149 and will ship October 15.


The second new product from Nomad is the Pod Pro. Nomad is the only company that offers a portable charging solution for the Apple Watch. And now, it has an option to charge your iPhone, too. The Pod Pro is 6000 mAh battery pack that provides two full charges for the Apple Watch and the iPhone. It’s a high density lithium ion battery, which has a small built-in Lightning cable that wraps around the Pod Pro and stores neatly into a cable channel. The Pod Pro charges with Micro USB and reaches a full charge within about three hours. The Pod is made with a precision stamped and anodized aluminum casing, polycarbonate plastic enclosure, and a Dupont Versollan TPE rubber base. It’s small enough to toss into a bag on-the-go charging. Pod Pro is now available for pre-order at a discounted price of $79.99 until October 15. After that, it is available at its regular price of $99.99 and will ship October 30. It will also be available at Best Buy.

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