App controlled and color tunable LED Smartbulbs improve sleep, complement moods and enhance a user’s lifestyle to enjoy better lighting for better living

ilumi solutions, a market leader in connected and smart lighting products, is excited to announce the retail availability of its second generation Smartbulbs, available in A19 and BR30 form factors. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in August, consumers can now purchase the new ilumi A19and BR30 Smartbulbs at the majority of Best Buy stores nationwide, and online at

Corey Egan, cofounder & CEO of ilumi, added, “It is a huge achievement for us to have ilumi Smartbulbs available at Best Buy stores. It’s been our team’s goal since we first had the idea for ilumi many years ago, and it’s exciting to see that goal come to fruition. Now people from across the country can go to their local Best Buy store to see ilumi in person and truly experience the power of good lighting.”

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The energy efficient and user friendly ilumi  Smartbulbs are easy to setup with simple plug & play pairing. Because of ilumi’s unique long-range Bluetooth® Mesh wireless connectivity, a user can start with a single bulb or scale to a whole home setup using just the ilumi app, without bridges routers, or other complications. In addition, each ilumi Smartbulb lasts up to 20 years and is six times more energy efficient than an equivalent incandescent light bulb.

ilumi provides wireless control via a free mobile app, available for download now in the App Store and Google Play, which provides users with a guided and simple personalized setup featuring new and exciting experiences, such as:

  • Light Your Routine – Schedule a sunrise. Dine in candlelight. Shake your phone for a nightlight.
  • Wellness Lighting – Tune your body’s natural rhythm by replicating the sun’s daily color cycle. Namaste.
  • Detect Your Presence – Sensing your phone, your lights can turn on & off without hitting a switch.
  • Vacation – Hey, you’re home! Or are you? Have your lights turn on & off randomly while you’re away.
  • Music’s New Best Friend – Sync your music and watch your Smartbulbs move to the beat of your fancy dancing feet.

The ilumi A19 Smartbulb features a natural dome structure for a wider dispersion angle to fit everyday standard lamps, pendants, fans or general lighting fixtures. It is also packed with more than 800 lumens (equivalent to 60W incandescent) at a category best efficiency of 10 watts of power. The ilumi BR30 Flood Smartbulb is best for use in overhead, recessed and track lighting and delivers more than 1100 lumens (equivalent to 85W incandescent) at an efficient 15 watts of power. Additionally, the All New ilumi Smartbulbs include ilumi’s patented HyperLux® LED technology that delivers the brightest whites and richest saturated colors.

The ilumi A19 and BR30 Smartbulbs are available now for $59.99 and $69.99 respectively at the majority of Best Buy stores across the United States, and online at Consumers can also order directly from ilumi at

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