grandPad’s Tablet Based Solution + Uber Will Make it Easier for Seniors to Get Around Town!

grandPad, creator of the first simple and safe tablet based solution and private network that connects the core family with a platform built for seniors, will integrate the Uber app into grandPad’s groundbreaking technology platform and network, making it easier for seniors not only to connect with families, friends, and caregivers, but also to request a convenient, affordable ride at the push of a button.

For millions of seniors across the country, mobility and getting from one place to another are critical challenges to living an independent, healthy life. The grandPad-Uber integration will enable seniors to easily get rides and help keep them mobile. Already, grandPad pairs with a smartphone or desktop app and empowers seniors to connect easily and effortlessly to loved ones. With grandPad, seniors can video chat with the family, check emails from the family in real-time, share photos, play games, make phone calls, and much more. Now thanks to the Uber API, seniors also can use Uber on their grandPad tablet to obtain transportation to everything from the local grocery store, to the doctor or pharmacy.

“This integration with Uber will open new possibilities for millions of seniors,” notes Scott Lien, CEO of grandPad. “Our technology solutions already help seniors become more connected. Now they can use our platform and Uber to get around town. The ensuing freedom and independence has the potential to be extraordinarily empowering.”

The solutions provided by this integration couldn’t come sooner. More than 15.5 million Americans over the age of 65 live in areas where public transportation service is poor or nonexistent. Additionally, according to AARP & American Public Transportation Associations, more than 20% of Americans over 65 don’t drive. Beyond lifestyle independence, seniors with better transportation can access health care services more easily and lead healthier lives. The need for a transportation solution for seniors has never been greater.

“Uber’s ridesharing technology offers seniors a safe, easy-to-use and affordable way to get around,” said Christopher Ballard, General Manager of Uber Southern California. “We believe this integration is another example of how technology can open up new possibilities for seniors by helping them lead more mobile and independent lives.”

Additionally, CEO Scott Lien and several other executives from the company will be at 2016 CES Las Vegas. Live product demonstrations, as well as executives available to discuss the Uber partnership, will be at Eureka Park, Booth 80144 at CES, January 6-9.

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