Blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi with eero.

eero, the distributed WiFi system for the home that eliminates all dead zones, is available today for purchase on and Amazon with all pre-orders now shipping.

eero’s system uses multiple units rather than a single router and mesh networking technology to create a fast, reliable and secure WiFi network that blankets the home. Unreliable WiFi has become an increasingly prevalent issue with the growing use of connected devices and streaming music/video service, but with eero, these will always work.

eero first opened pre-orders about a year ago and sold $2.5M worth of over 25,000 eeros in just 13 days. Since then, eero has grown their team from 11 to over 70 and raised more than $40 million to date from First Round Capital, Shasta Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Andy Rubin’s Playground Global, and others.

eeroWith eero, you’ll get:

  • Whole-home WiFi: We recommend one eero per 1,000 square feet, which will give you a strong, reliable WiFi signal in every room.
  • Beautiful design: eero is small and elegant — meant to sit discreetly on a bookshelf or the corner of a table. You won’t have to hide it in a closet or cabinet, which degrades signal.
  • No wiring required: Your first unit needs to be connected to your modem; additional eeros just need power from a standard wall outlet. They connect wirelessly to form a mesh network that covers every inch of your home in strong, stable WiFi signal. If you have Ethernet wiring, you can always use it, too.
  • Relentless simplicity: We’ve been laser-focused on keeping things simple from the very beginning. Setup in most homes takes just minutes — and everything is managed from a streamlined iOS or Android app. If you ever need help with anything, our support team of WiFi experts is just a quick call or email away.
  • An intelligent cloud: In addition to allowing for easy setup, eero’s powerful cloud infrastructure intelligently routes data and helps to automatically tune your network. We’ll push automatic updates over-the-air, bringing new features and security patches. What you buy now will only get better over time.
  • Features you’ve never seen in home WiFi: There’s a speed test for your primary eero (the one connected to your modem) built right into the app. You’ll be able to tell if you’re getting what you pay for from your Internet provider. We’ve also reimagined guest access. You can invite your friends to join your network straight from the eero app with a text. Plus, it’s super easy to set up an entirely separate guest network. We’ve even included a password generator. Who says WiFi can’t be fun?

eero is now available for sale through and Amazon. For more information, visit