A premium phone mount equipped with smart technology and a mobile app, Bluejay seamlessly connects your phone to your car

Today Bluejay, created by The Kiwi Factory, launches as the world’s first in-car smart mount for phones – the next step in connected driving by helping cars and drivers’ phones become more integrated.

With quality in mind, Bluejay is made of premium materials, including high-grade CNC aluminum and durable carbon fiber, in order to embody modern automotive design. Additionally, the smart mount is equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology and comes with an app that keeps you safe, while also keeping you connected to contacts, music, GPS locations and more.

Compatible with all smartphones, Bluejay’s app acts as a driving dashboard that opens automatically when the driver’s phone is placed on the mount and features an intelligent interface designed for ease of use. Drivers simply swipe with a finger in order to perform different functions, so they don’t have to fully concentrate on the phone itself.

“The automotive and technology industries are quickly advancing to create a connected car revolution that better understands how we drive,” said Nicholas Bartlett, co-founder and CEO of The Kiwi Factory. “Drivers are still using their phones too much while driving, so we created Bluejay to be the smartest in-car gadget that not only better connects drivers to their cars, but also limits phone distractions while driving.”

Additional app features include:

  • Find My Car or Phone: Uses Bluetooth Smart technology and GPS to help locate your car, even when there is no cell phone reception
  • Meter Notifications: Provides automatic notifications when your parking meter is about to run out
  • Accident Prevention and Assistance: Do-not-disturb mode and take-a-break notifications help you drive safely; in the case of an accident, Bluejay’s crash detection has a pre-programmed SMS/emergency call
  • Call and Messaging Shortcuts: Incorporates pre-programmed quick messages to make it simple to respond to incoming texts or make a phone call with a single tap
  • Integration with Music Apps and Internet Radio: Drivers can easily stream and control music, such as Spotify or Pandora, podcasts or audio books
  • Navigation and Smart Places: Leverages a smart point-of-interest system with turn-by-turn navigation to get you to the nearest parking, gas station, repair shop, restaurant or store
  • Personalized Driving Stats: Tracks how many miles of fuel is left, when to change your oil or your recommended tire pressure
  • Smart Home and IFTTT Integration: Remotely control smart home systems, including Nest, Hue and others, in order to check if you left the lights on or turn on the heat before you come home

Bluejay also uses a magnet or nano-pad to securely hold the driver’s phone, while leveraging a three-axis system, so it can easily be placed in a preferred position via an included air vent clip, suction cup and sticky pad.

Bluejay’s classic version, made of high-grade CNC aluminum and durable plastic, is available for a pre-order purchase of $79. Its premium version, which is made of CNC aluminum and carbon fiber, is available for $99.

For more information, visit getbluejay.com.
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