As of August 20, Blip.TV will shut down all services.

In 2013 Blip.TV was purchased by Maker Studio, which was a total shock to me. Because of that buy-out, I stopped using their service to host my review videos. I thought major changes would be on the way. During the past two years, not much has changed, but today Blip.TV announced that they would be closing Blip.TV to the public on August 20th. Below is the email statement sent out to Blip.TV users.

BlipTV-ClosingDear Blip User,
We are writing to inform you that Blip will be shutting down on August 20, 2015.

We encourage you to download any content you may not have saved or backed up. Your video files will be permanently removed from the Blip network so please take the time to move your content as soon as possible. To do this, please use the producer dashboard found here:

As you may know, Blip was acquired by Maker Studios in September 2013 and the acquisition has allowed for additional, more expansive direct-to-consumer tools and products for content creators across the network. We encourage you to apply to the Maker Gen network if you have a YouTube channel to take advantage of Maker’s tools and services. Signup can be found here:

If you are owed advertising revenue when Blip is shut down, you will receive a final payment in September 2015.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our producer support page at

We thank you for being a great partner to Blip!

Blip Support