Payments made easier and shopping experience made better.

NEWS: Best Buy Now Offers Apple Pay 3After a few months of refusing to offer Apple Pay to its customers, BestBuy finally decided going the Current C only route would not be in their best interest. They started the roll out ApplePay online recently and as of October 1st, it is being offered in store at many locations – our local Best Buy included. Customers can now walk in and pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

The experience was great, but if it would not have been for us asking if Apple Pay were available, we would have had no clue that they turned the option on. Our local Best Buy rolled out a new POS/Register system many months ago in anticipation of NFC payments like Apple Pay being accepted, but the option was just made available a few days ago.

Best Buy has forgotten to to use any sort of branding to let customers know that they can pay using Apple Pay, but I’m hoping this comes soon. It’s a step in the right direction and I’m sure this holiday season the employees will appreciate a quicker checkout experience as they play the drone game of, “Next,” “Next,” “Next.”

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