Get Backup Pro Goes Free For Safe Migration to El Capitan

Belight Software announced the giveaway of its backup and disc cloning software Get Backup Pro for Mac users preparing to migrate to OS X El Capitan. The software helps users keep their data safe, make bootable backups, disk cloning, and folder synchronization for Mac. Regular price $19.99, the application will be go free until September 30, 2015 on the company’s website only. The version of this software that is in the Mac App Store has not been updated since December 2014.

The most useful feature of the software is letting users clone their Mac’s HD and SSD to get a backup disk that can be used to boot up your Mac in case of a crash, accidental data loss that may happen during migration to the new OS. Apart from that, Get Backup Pro lets synchronise files and folders on your Mac with another computer or mounted drive. Users can schedule their backup, clone, and sync projects to execute automatically using the scheduler. Backups are compressed, reducing the size of resulting archives as much as up to 60%.

Encryption is another good tool for additional protecting your archives in Get Backup Pro. There is an option to archive to external devices and drives or to network volumes that can be automated.

To save time users can quickly back up data using templates, sync files in multiple locations, and be confident that their data is safely stored in case their Mac unexpectedly crashes.

Get Backup Pro is free until September 30, 2015. Regular price is $19.95.

Minimum system requirement OS X 10.6.8 or later. OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatible.