Tomorrow is an exciting day for the Apple community, as the fruit company launches its shiny new iOS 9. But wait!

Those who make use of the August Smart Lock should consider waiting to upgrade for a few days, as there are currently some compatibility bugs. According to August:

“Apple’s new iOS 9 introduces a new Bluetooth technology that changes the way your smartphone communicates with your August Smart Lock. We have created an update that ensures full compatibility. We expect approval from Apple in the next 72 hours.”

So fear not, as the issue is being resolved. Just be warned that a premature upgrade may result in the inability to control your August Smart Lock. August directs queries to their Customer Support Center and reassures customers that they are working with Apple to quickly resolve the issue. If you use an August Smart Lock, be on the lookout for email updates from the company and remember not to upgrade to iOS 9 quite yet. I promise, you can wait for those new emojis.

UPDATE: As of this morning, September 16, the August app for iOS 9 has been approved and is now live in the App Store. To ensure a seamless transition, users can update the August app and then download iOS 9. Once this process is complete, August will work as usual without any service interruptions.