Apple’s “Future of Television” advertisement is released online.

Apple’s televisions ads never cease to amaze me. They have some of the best creative minds working on their spots and we are all in awe when a new one is released. Tonight, Apple launched a new campaign with ‘The Future of Television’ featuring the fourth generation Apple TV. The ad not only features all of the spectacular features of the Apple TV like shopping, streaming video, and listening to music, but it also shows how television and video viewing has evolved within it’s 60-second montage of color and life.

Apple’s creative team wove together a menagerie of film and TV to show all of the wondrous entertainment that awaits you on with the Apple TV media box. The ad plays off of the SMPTE Color Bars, or television test pattern, that some might recognize as something they’ve seen at the beginning or end of a broadcast day. These color bars depict a ‘standard’ for television and it’s one that video and broadcast professionals live with on a daily basis. You see, when you create and master a commercial for TV, you have to ensure that the colors line up correctly with the color bar standard otherwise your ad or show won’t match all the others surrounding it. So, it would seem that by using the SMPTE color bars as a creative device that Apple is setting a new standard for television viewing. If you look closely at the colors Apple used, you will see that it’s Apple’s brand colors from the old multi-color Apple logo. Check out the commercial below.