News 360 provides a personalized, stylized look at the news.

I’m always on the lookout for news feed apps. I keep up to date with news and events by going on Google News most of the time, but really prefer to look at the news on my phone. Unfortunately, I’ve just never found an app that I’ve been completely happy with…until today.

news360-1News 360 is a very advanced news app that learns what you enjoy reading. It brings you content that it believe you’ll find interesting based off of the articles you flag, save or like. It can even analyze how you use other services such as Facebook and Twitter to tailor your news feeds to your specific interests.

News 360 has been available since 2011. It is currently on version 3.2.4 and is free to download from the iTunes App store.

I truly wish I had found this app much sooner. I haven’t had it long, but already enjoy the layout much better on it than any of the other news-related apps I own. It combines simplicity with style and I truly appreciate that in an app. News 360 will showcase a news article based off of topics you have chosen when you start up the app. These preferences can be updated as your personal taste changes.

Another great feature of this app is that it utilizes the iPhone’s GPS to determine local news stories. This is particularly helpful to me because I feel like that’s something that is lacking from Google News’s website.

If you are looking for a new news app, I highly recommend News 360. Like I said, I haven’t had it long, but I already love the app.