Future Motion, maker of the popular Onewheel electric boards, today introduced the revolutionary new Onewheel Pint. Announced at Future Motion’s launch press event in Manhattan, Pint, the lightest and most affordable Onewheel ever, is now available for preorder at www.onewheel.com from just $950.

“So many people want to get in on the Onewheel experience but haven’t been able to afford it. This product unlocks the Onewheel experience for a massive new group of aspiring riders,” says Future Motion founder and CEO Kyle Doerksen. “From the beginning, we’ve wanted to expand our product line to include a more approachable Onewheel for coffee shop runs, micro-adventures, commute-hacking and casual riders. New York City is all about diversity, and Pint is about embracing the diversity of our riders. In the same way that a car company makes different cars for different purposes and people, Future Motion now offers several differentiated products designed for various uses rather than one-size-fits-all.”

The product has several new, refined features that make it more practical and easy to ride, including:

  • Maghandle, an integrated fold-out carrying handle on the side of the board that makes Pint easy to pick up and take with you, whether it’s onto the subway or into your house.
  • Simplestop technology, which enables a simplified ride experience to help novices get riding with confidence right away.
  • Lightbar, an LED light display on the board that gives visual indication of battery status and other notifications.

“After adding more power, speed and range with our last two product releases, we wanted to put the core Onewheel ride experience into a more accessible package. That’s why we spent the last three years incorporating everything we’ve learned from our other products to make this little shred bot. It’s a great addition to the premium, long-range Onewheel+ XR already in our line-up,” added Doerksen.


In addition to new features, Pint also includes several technologies that Onewheel riders have come to appreciate, including HypercoreTM motor technology for a smooth, powerful ride experience, and the Onewheel App (available for Android and iOS), which enables users to change the way the board rides with Digital Shaping. Pint reaches speeds of 16 MPH and has a range of 6-8 miles. Pint is the first Onewheel available in multiple color options, including Slate, Sand and a limited launch edition in Sage.

“It’s hard not to love Pint. It’s a fun-sized stoke machine that fits in your life,” said Onewheel Chief Evangelist Jack Mudd. “Everyone who’s had the chance to see and experience Pint quickly becomes obsessed. I can’t wait to share it with the world. There are going to be a lot of Pints out there this summer.”

While many predicted that Future Motion would take their manufacturing to Asia as their production volumes expanded, Future Motion has re-committed to USA manufacturing by announcing Pint will be assembled at a new factory in San Jose, California. “Electric vehicles are taking over the world,” said Doerksen. “Our approach is to make magical, high-quality small vehicles that people truly love. We’re able to deliver on this by investing in manufacturing in San Jose.”

Future Motion products are available at www.onewheel.com and at select dealers across the U.S. and worldwide Onewheel Pint retails for $950 (monthly financing options available as low as $59/month); Onewheel+ XR is available for $1,799. Fenders, to pick Ultrachargers and other Pint accessories are also available at www.onewheel.com.

Customers who buy the new Pint board today (3/13/19) can choose from three bundles to completely personalize their board. Customers can pre-order their Pint board and one of the bundles here:

  • $950 – Singlescoop Bundle ($220 savings) – Includes the Pint board, a fender, custom etched rail, a chance to win a Onewheel +XR, Pint Dad Hat and a pint “Pint” cup.
  • $995 – Doublescoop Bundle ($245 savings) – Includes the Pint board, a fender, bumpers, clear rail guards, custom etched rail, a chance to win a Onewheel +XR, Pint Dad Hat and a pint “Pint” cup.
  • $1,150 – Banana Split Bundle  – Includes the Pint board, a fender,, bumpers, clear rail guards, custom etched rail, Pint Ultracharger, Maghandle Pro,  a chance to win a Onewheel +XR, Pint Dad Hat and a pint “Pint” cup.

For more information, visit onewheel.com.
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