I watched Apples WWDC last night, I was very impressed with all the upcoming releases from Apple. I was very happy to finally see a demo of Snow Leopard and Quick Time X. I also was very Happy to see the stuff about the new 3GS iPhone that will be released for sale on June 19th.3gs1What I was not real happy with when I watched it was the new Macbook Pros, I just bought a new model Macbook Pro not even 5 months ago and now they have updated them. I was sort of jealous that they had already put out a new model, well until I seen that the only real upgrade was an SD card reader and 2 hours more on the battery life some other small details which really does not mater. But after watching the rather long conference I decided that the new iPhone 3GS was worth upgrading to and I posted my iPhone 3G on a popular site called Craigslist.com with in 45 minutes of posting my phone I had someone wanting to buy it. Today that gentleman came over and bought my iPhone for $350 dollars cash. I immediately drove over to ATT and paid for my iPhone 3GS in advanced. Last year we were first inline at the ATT store to pick up the then new iPhone 3G. We had got to the store early which was a good thing because the line had ended up by morning to go all the way around the stores building. I think this year we will have to go set up shop a few hours early because of the line last year. As for as the WWDC and the Macbook Proimac I think it was a little to soon for apple to release a new model and also think that anyone upgrading from last years model macs should just hold off till Apple puts Blue Ray players in the systems. as for Snow Leopard it dropped from what everyone was expecting the price to be from $129 to only $29 dollars for a signal license and $49 for up to 5 license. That upgrade to the Apple Leopard OS will be such a great improvement on an already perfect operating system that its well worth the price of $29 or $49 the only bad thing about that is having to wait till September for them to release it. as for my other new toy Im about to get a 24 inch iMac all in one desktop from Apple, no this one does not have blue ray but I’m needing a desktop computer right now for all the work I do it will just make everything flow much better for me, and that will be next week the day before I go to sit inline for the new iPhone 3GS what a really cool week coming up, I just hope its not to hot and does not rain well heh as long as Im first in the door anyways.