Mac Users’ Top Rated Photo App Extension Now Available on iPhone and iPad

Motif​​, the Apple-approved personalized photo book app, today announced the launch of its free iOS app – bringing its top-rated photo app extension for the MacOS desktop to the estimated 1 billion+ iPhones and iPads currently in use. This app is available globally in 32 countries, including the United States and Canada, and is available in 6 languages. The Motif app syncs directly with the iOS Photos app library, making it quick, easy, and convenient for iOS users to create beautiful, personalized photo books with a professional feel, straight from the photos already stored on their device.

Launched in July 2018 as a native macOS extension, Motif quickly earned the highest rating for an Apple Photos Extension in the Mac App Store. The platform is beloved by Mac users for bringing their photos to life with advanced technology, intuitive editing tools, and easy-to-use personalization. Now, Motif for iOS joins its desktop counterpart just in time for the holidays, putting the ease of creating gorgeous photo books at every user’s fingertips on the go.

The Motif iOS app is designed to be user-friendly. Clear and easily accessible views provide direct access to page editing, image and text editing, and overall book organization in just a few taps. Whether choosing an overall design theme for the book or specific layouts for a single page or two-page spread, Motif presents all options with images in place and in context. A simple three-step wizard guides you through the photo book process in a snap. Key features include:

  • Syncs directly with your photo library: ​No need to export or upload photos; Motif works locally with the images and albums in the Photos app on your device, so there’s no need to spend time exporting or uploading your pictures anywhere else. Motif’s machine learning algorithms create memories from your photos that highlight your recent vacations, family events, and other favorite moments that can be made into a personalized photo book in seconds.
  • Finds your best pictures for you: ​Motif’s smart technology combs through thousands of photos so you don’t have to, analyzing images for overall quality and similarity to identify duplicates and recommend the very best ones. This includes checking images for focus, clarity, people, faces, image orientation, panoramas, and more; it even weeds out unwanted images such as screenshots.
  • Automatically lays out your book:​ Motif auto-flows your selected images into more than 80 professionally designed layouts, picking the best combinations of vertical and horizontal compositions, while correctly centering and cropping to fit the layouts. Or, create your own mix and give it a personal touch.
  • Delivers photo-first quality: ​Motif is a photo-first brand, so every book features clean themes and a premium, professional look. Users can type or dictate text, and customize the pages with pops of color, patterns and professionally designed themes.

“One year after the successful launch of Motif, we knew the natural next step would be an expansion to iOS, to bring this functionality to the full ecosystem of iPhone and iPad users,” ​said Craig Bauer, Global Managing Director of Motif. “Millions of people now have access to the simple functionality and advanced technology that Motif delivers to create the most beautiful, professional-looking photo products available.”

Find the new Motif app in the iOS App Store, available in the U.S. and Canada. The app is free; pricing for photo books starts at $10 for a soft cover photo book and $20 for a hard cover photo book.

For more details, visit MotifFacebook, and Twitter.