Feature leverages unique combination of Apple’s computer vision (CV) and augmented reality (AR) frameworks making skin self-exams effortless and more accurate in clearly identifying changes

​Miiskin​, ​a digital health platform helping more than 500,000 people around the world routinely track their skin for changes​, today announces a first-of-its-kind feature for privately and automatically taking full-body photos of skin for use in skin self-exams. Automatic Skin Imaging is the most efficient way to help consumers identify new skin lesions, an important part of skin self-exams that is sometimes overlooked, and to more easily compare skin changes over time.

Consumers have never had an easy way to take full-body photos of their skin privately and by themselves. Now, Automatic Skin Imaging makes it simple when it comes to seeing the big picture of changes to your skin, such as on large areas like the back. This feature is an important reminder of a lesser known fact of skin cancer: roughly 80 percent of melanomas appear as new marks or moles and 20 percent come from existing moles, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation.​ Automatic Skin Imaging is a much-needed simplification in the process of taking photos to identify new skin marks that may be worth bringing to your dermatologist for evaluation.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of checking your skin at home. Visits with the dermatologist are important, but only represent a part of a proper skin surveillance regimen. One of my goals is to empower patients in between visits to the office,” said Dr. Andrew Weinstein, MD, MPH, Dermatologist at Boyton Beach SKIN. “I recommend the Miiskin app because it’s intuitive to use and effective in getting patients to monitor their skin for changes. Their observations can prompt appropriate medical intervention and save lives. The ability for patients to do this on their own, in complete privacy, leaves no excuse for skipping skin self-exams.”

Miiskin makes this essential health exercise, which is recommended by dermatologists, easy to do and keep up with. To take a full-body skin photo on your own:

  1. Place the phone on a stable surface and follow the audible instructions the app provides to you, guiding you in the process of capturing the images of skin.
  2. Once the phone has detected you are in the proper position, it will guide you to move as it takes front and back photos automatically.
  3. You can blur out sensitive sections of the photo if you wish to add to your privacy.
  4. The app directs you to the Web Compare portal to compare photos side-by-side from previous sessions to identify any changes from one session to the next.

While Miiskin is available on both iOS and Android, the new Automatic Skin Imaging feature is rolling out to iOS users first, compatible with iPhone XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro and SE 2020. The feature leverages a unique combination of the latest Apple framework combining Computer Vision and Augmented Reality in the ARKit 3 framework.

Miiskin’s application of ARKit 3 is different: Instead of using AR to input digital objects into a real-world, physical scene, as seen in popular apps like Pokemon Go, it uses the technical computer vision capabilities to detect the scene and surroundings in combination with the person to photograph. The AR technology also augments the camera feed with a digital representation of a human being for visual assistance when learning how to use the new Automatic Skin Imaging feature. Apple’s computer vision technology and the augmented reality capabilities in the ARKit 3 framework improve the accuracy of auto-photography and the user is guided through the autonomous process by the familiar Siri voice.

Miiskin has been on the forefront of machine learning and computer vision in dermatology since the launch of the app’s popular proprietary Skin Mapping tool, which highlights moles and other marks on the skin in photos. Skin Mapping is Miiskin’s consumer version of traditional mole mapping technology used by dermatologists in clinics to track skin changes over time with high-resolution imagery. Without Miiskin, tracking changes in the appearance of skin or moles ​is time consuming and difficult to perform accurately. Soon, Miiskin users will be able to use Skin Mapping with the Automatic Skin Imaging feature to highlight spots on the skin.

How to Get the App
Miiskin empowers users to identify concerns to bring to their doctor. It does not evaluate risk level or diagnose skin cancer.

Over the summer, Miiskin, a proud partner of The Skin Cancer Foundation, is offering the premium app subscription which includes the new Automatic Skin Imaging feature to users free for three months.

For more information, visit Miiskin.com, Facebook, or Twitter.