Starting today, consumers can access the latest firmware update for Eve Aqua that adds support for the future-proof network technology, Thread. The update is now available for download from the Eve app. 

Eve aims to enhance all its Bluetooth-enabled accessories with Thread technology. Some Eve accessories are already equipped with a Thread-capable chipset, only needing a firmware update to enable Thread. Eve Aqua 2nd generation has already been shipping with Thread-capable hardware since Summer 2020. For further help identifying device generations, users can visit

With Eve Aqua, the Eve portfolio now includes three Thread-enabled accessories for the U.S. and Canada, including the Eve Door & Window contact sensor and the Eve Weather connected weather station. A new, Thread-enabled generation of the Eve Energy smart plug will be available end of April for the U.S./Canada and U.K., a version for Europe is already shipping. 

With Thread enabled, users can enjoy an extended range when a Thread device with router capabilities like Eve Energy is placed between Eve Aqua and a HomePod Mini. As a Full Thread Device, Eve Energy relays other Thread accessories’ data packages and enhances the stability and reach of the smart home. 


  • Eve Aqua supports Bluetooth and Thread – the mesh network technology makes a smart home network more responsive, robust, and increases its reach.
  • Eve Aqua connects to a Thread network automatically. The Thread network view within the Eve app displays the status and connection quality of the Thread network.
  • Thread is a pillar of project CHIP (Connected Home over IP).
  • Thread accessories do not require a proprietary bridge to communicate with each other – they simply need a Border Router, which for HomeKit over Thread is the HomePod Mini. 
  • Owners of an Eve Aqua (2nd generation) can enable Thread by downloading and installing the complimentary update from the Eve app. 
  • 100% Privacy: Eve uses no cloud, no registration, no tracking. Local intelligence and direct communication without a bridge or cloud dependency.

For more information about HomeKit over Thread, visit the Eve blog: Aqua with Thread requires the Eve app version 5.0 or later, HomePod mini and Eve Aqua (2nd generation). 

About Eve Aqua 

Eve Aqua makes it a breeze to connect an irrigation system to HomeKit. The smart water controller screws on securely to outdoor faucets, and thanks to the device’s standard G ¾” (26.5 mm) sizing, users can fit regular hose pipes and other popular hose systems with ease using the supplied hose connector. Equipped with HomeKit technology, Eve Aqua allows users to control their irrigation system by iPhone or Siri. For a fully automated irrigation system users can set sophisticated schedules which are then stored on Eve Aqua. 

Eve Aqua (2nd generation) is available for USD $99.95 / CAD $149.95.

For more information, visit evehome.comFacebook, and Twitter.