Nice design, but needs instructions for enjoyable experience.

For several years now, I’ve been on the search for the ideal minimalist wallet that would allow me to be able to carry my daily essentials while as well as my keys. Unfortunately, most of the key holders I’ve used are simply that — a key holder. This Multifunction Metal Key Holder by New-Bring is just a little bit more.


The Multifunction Metal Key Holder and Money Clip is designed to hold cash, credit cards, keys, and multifunctional tools. The product is made from premium, industry-leading aluminum. The clip is built with RFID-blocking technology for security. The military-grade aluminum case provides protection against the elements and is drop resistant. According to product information, this wallet can hold between 2-8 cards and 4-6 keys depending on the size of the key.

New-Bring Multifunction Metal Key Holder and Money Clip REVIEW


I’ve had a lot of experience with multifunctional wallets like this. At first, it was just multipurpose items that only held keys, but this is a bit more advanced than that. I do have to point one thing out though — there were no instructions included with the wallet. Because I’ve worked with products like this in the past I knew how to install items into it, but if I hadn’t, I don’t know if I would have known where to start. I was able to find an instructional video on Amazon, but it’s well-hidden and if I hadn’t been looking for it, I wouldn’t have found it. I feel that these instructions should be provided to the customer in a much more direct way.

New-Bring Multifunction Metal Key Holder and Money Clip REVIEW

For those who might get confused, you remove the screws to be able to place things onto the posts of the multipurpose storage. There are washers in place from shipping that hold everything together, but you can remove those as you need to accommodate the items you are installing. My wallet shipped with a bottle opener multitool which I slipped onto one of the posts. It fit well and then I replaced the screws and tightened them down. During this step, you’ll want to make sure that the screws don’t get too tight because then you won’t be able to use the items in the keychain.

New-Bring Multifunction Metal Key Holder and Money Clip REVIEW

When it came to storing cards and cash on the flip side of the wallet I was a little thrown because the card pocket is a very tight fit. For testing purposes, I slid a membership card into the pocket because I was concerned that my regular payment credit cards might get damaged or stuck. There might be a better way to use this pocket, but since there were no instructions included, I can’t say for sure if that’s the case. I was able to fold up a couple of bills and slide them under the rubber band that was holding everything closed, but it did make the credit card pocket an even tighter fit.

New-Bring Multifunction Metal Key Holder and Money Clip REVIEW


An item like this — something that requires a bit of assembly — should come with instructions or have some easily available. I had to fumble my way through testing out this wallet based on previous knowledge of similar products and that makes the entire experience less enjoyable. I do like the design of this product and hope that it continues to be developed.

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