Neutab G7 is a disappointing tablet

I have been using tablets for gaming and browsing the internet for a few years. I have experienced the best of both worlds with the Ipad and the Kindle Fire HD. When I was offered to the Neutab G7 for review I was excited, mostly because it was a new tablet. I didn’t really expect it to keep par with the big guys but for the money it shouldn’t have to. Normally I try to look for the good in any product that I review. Unfortunately, in this case, I haven’t been able to find any. That, in itself, is disappointing.

Right out of the box I thought the G7 looked well made. It certainly isn’t as elegant in design as some of the big named tablets but it does offer clean lines and comfort in your hand. Eagerly I pressed the power button. I would like to say that in a short time the Neutab powered up and I was off to enjoy the device. This was not the case. Once it started, it went right into a software update that left it unusable for 2 hours. 2 HOURS. I checked my internet and WIFI speeds to make sure they were not the problem. Everything was fine on my end. Once the software update was completed I decided to import my Google account info so that my apps and stored information would be available. I fell asleep waiting for this to finish. I’m not exaggerating, the thing is slow. The next day I charged the battery and gave it another shot. This time when I powered the device on, it only took 8 minutes to startup. There were no downloads or updates taking place. That’s just the startup time. Sadly, I wish I were exaggerating.

Neutab G7 Android Tablet REVIEW

So now that I know the tablet is incredibly slower than the leading brands, I set out to test the other performance aspects. Downloads were slow, load times were slow, gameplay was lagging, the resolution is not terrible but far from the HD you find in other devices, and the camera is pretty poor quality. I will say that the G7 has a front and rear camera for the selfie enthusiast but all you get is a picture, not the beautiful pictures you get from other devices. I was surprised to find a dead battery after sitting in standby overnight, also.

Neutab G7 Android Tablet REVIEW

I’ll say this, the Neutab G7 will do everything the other tablets will do. It is an Android device after all. However, I think if you’re really wanting a quality device you should drop a little more money and get one of the top brands, If you’re looking for inexpensive and aren’t incredibly concerned with performance then this is a good option. I’ll admit, if I was just interested in using it as a reader I would be satisfied. On the other hand, it should do more than that.

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