Great budget friendly Android tablet

I own several tablets and use them on a daily basis for multiple different reasons.  There seem to be a lot of budget friendly tablets on the market, however some seem to disappoint in the quality department.  This tablet did not disappoint me, and even has me using Android software.  I’ve bought my son a couple of Android tablets and never really used them for myself.  The Neutab Air7 has several features that make me want to actively use it on a regular basis.

Unboxing the Neutab Air7 I was extremely impressed by the lightness and quality of the tablet.  The 7 inch screen makes it very portable and makes it easier to type with while moving.  I think the design and materials look very nice, sleek, and even professional.  It almost mimics the shape and feel of my iPad 2.  I have an iPad Air2 and it’s not as thin as it but very close.  There are two buttons that run along the right side, one that adjusts the volume and the other is the power source.  On the top edge of the tablet is the micro USB (included with tablet) and audio ports.  The tablet also feature both front and rear facing cameras.  The one thing I was the most excited about I was having a hard time locating.  Then I found the MicroSD card slot, for expanding memory, was located on the back under the white panel.

Neutab Air7 Android Tablet REVIEW

The Neutab 7 is an Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system tablet.  It comes with 8 GB hard drive, and has the capability to be expanded with a 64GB MicroSD card.  Getting started was simple with prompts that allow you to connect with Wifi.  I went ahead and created a new Gmail account and set up was so quick and easy.  The tablet came preinstalled with 29 stock Android apps, but I was ready to check out the play store and download.

I chose to download the app Sailor Moon Drops, my latest random app addiction for comparison.  Playing the app on my iPhone 6 Plus, I have been impressed by the graphics.  The download time was very fast and loading the app was quick as well.  This is where I find myself to be most impressed.  The app looked great on this tablet.  It did have a different coloring, which may be how the Android version is, but it was very nice.  There was a very minimal pixilation look to the graphics.

Neutab Air7 Android Tablet REVIEW

Theres not too much that really bother me about this tablet.  The speaker sound is not as clear as I would like it to be.  It’s loud but it has a higher pitched tone to it.  Also when you first start it from being completely off, theres a chime that sounds.  It scares me every time because it’s loud and almost harsh sounding. The rear camera being 2 MP isn’t the best but it does work, I just won’t be using it for photography, but it would be a good Skype camera if you needed it.  My system gripe is how Androids have the feature that tells how how long it will take until your device is fully charged if it was even close to accurate.  I completely drained the battery and the predictor said it should take about 7 hours, and 10 minutes later it then said 5 hours.  Then again I could have been wrong and lost 110 minutes of my life.

Neutab Air7 Android Tablet REVIEW

Once again for a budget tablet, this is the go to one.  I’m still incredibly impressed by the quality and speed of it.  I think reading E-books, playing games, emailing, and using social media are the best functions to exceed expectations.  It was worth getting over the iOS to Android learning curve to be able to use it.

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