NetReset Automated Network Power Cycling Device eliminates hassle with everyday Internet issues.

Everyones been there – the dreaded power down/power up for your router and cable modem to reset your network. Heck, most cable companies have a pre-recorded message when you call for service stating just that. You have to listen to this automated message explaining to power cycle your modem before you ever get to talk with a technician. They say that most problems can be fixed with this “simple” step. This troubleshooting step has been such a staple for many years now and I can’t remember a time before it was part of the usual process of finding issues with your Internet connection.

NetReset Automated Network Power Cycling Device REVIEW

With that said there is nothing difficult about the power down/power up step, it’s just time consuming and for the most part, it ends up that you need to do it when you’re the busiest. The great group of people at NetReseT have a solution for just this nightmare. The NetReseT Automated Network Power Cycling Device is a wall outlet timer for your cable modem and router to plug into.

You choose a time that you’re not going to be actively using your Internet, like when you know you’re going to be sleeping, and the device will automatically power off your cable modem and router. It will do this at the same scheduled time every 24 hours. NetReseT will properly power your modem and router back on when you schedule it and it keeps your network running smoothly.

NetReset Automated Network Power Cycling Device REVIEW

In the box, you will find a warranty card instructions and the NetReseT device. The instructions are written in English only and on a single, easy to follow page. The device has a 28-day battery backup for programmed reset time. This means if for some reason it gets unplugged, it will remember the schedule for 28-days so that when you plug it back in, your power cycling can continue.

The device itself is very solid. It sort of reminds you of a heavy-duty, multiple port power outlet. There are two plugs ports on the front and they are marked MOD and ROU. There are also LED indicator lights next to these labels to shown that power is indeed being pushed to the devices that are plugged in. Also on the device is a small LCD display that sort of reminds me of an older digital thermostat display. Next to it are several small, soft buttons for you to set your schedule. You tap the CLOCK button to set the clock with the HOURS and MINS buttons and then tap the PROG button to set the times you want the power to be cycled. It’s really that simple.

NetReset Automated Network Power Cycling Device REVIEW

So, other than the power cycling feature there are two main reasons you will enjoy having this device. First, when your power gets cycled, the static charge is cleared with a reset and second, your router cache is cleared. Both of these factors make for a faster Internet connection. In my testing, I found the NetReseT to work as described and think it’s a great product for any Internet user to own. NetReseT touts a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee when using their device and that paired with the hassle-free installation and increased Internet productivity, it’s kind of a no-brainer whether or not you should have one in your home or office.

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