A great accessory for skin-to-skin bonding with your infant.

When you are preparing for a baby to join your family, there are many items that you need to acquire for the little one. A lot of people think about the basics like bottles, clothes, diapers, and wipes. But, they don’t think about the equally important items like a baby carrier like this one from Nesting Days. 

Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

Nesting Days strives to stress the importance of skin-to-skin time between newborn babies and their parents. The company has designed an innovative carrier that makes it easier, safer, and more comfortable to bond with your child. The Nesting Days carrier is made with premium materials and is designed to hold newborns up to 18 pounds. It is available for both men and women and comes in black or grey for men. There are more color options for the women’s variation of the carrier. Nesting Days calls the carrier “the ultimate baby bonding experience.” 

Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

Nesting Days designed this carrier because they recognized that there are inherent problems with other types of carriers. “No baby carrier on the market is sleek and comfortable like a wrap, yet is also quick and easy to put on and can be worn ‘hands-free’ with baby, while also being safe.” It’s not just a piece of fabric. The Nesting Days carrier is a soft, streamlined carrier that is specifically designed for skin-to-skin bonding.

“Nesting Days combines the strength of high-end technical yoga wear fabrics (like lululemon, Athleta) with a patented winged design that works perfectly because of a careful balance.”

The wrap comes in a plastic bag with a cardboard card on it. You do have the option of selecting different sizes. We opted for the XXL size. The card that is enclosed with the carrier includes features about the carrier as well as wearing tips. One of the things that I really like about this information is the fact that there is an entire section about staying cool and taking a break after you’ve been wearing the baby with the carrier for a while. 

Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

When you pull the carrier out of the package, it looks a lot like a regular shirt with a single snap buckle on it. The fabric is soft, but not as soft as I expected. It actually feels a lot like spandex/polyester. I expected it to be a lot more flexible than it is. It’s actually pretty firm as far as fabric goes and there isn’t a lot of give to it. I’m sure it’s designed that way so that when a baby is enclosed in the folds, the little one is secure. It also seems like the fabric is not very breathable so I completely understand why there is a warning about overheating. I do really like the design of it because it makes it really easy to wrap yourself and the baby together. 

Nesting Days Newborn Carrier

Now, I do want to provide full disclosure here. At the time of writing this review, I did not have a baby to test this carrier with. I did, however, look up a lot of other personal reviews. Some mothers who are using this are happy that it gives them an easy way to breastfeed hands-free and others were excited that it was so comfortable and better than other wraps they have tried. Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to test this out with an infant, I did put it on and wrap up a stuffed animal with it. While that wasn’t exactly the same as a baby, it did prove how easy it was to use and how comfortable the carrier is. 

The Nesting Days carrier is a premium product and it works really well. The retail price is $100 at the time of publishing this article.

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