Never again struggle with your knotted earbuds, thanks to the Nest XL.

When it comes to listening to music, I tend to have two headphone style preferences.  My favorite type of earphones are my over-ear Bose AE2 headphones, as they are comfortable and produce great sound.  When I am on the go or exercising, I tend to choose earbuds.  More specifically, I have really enjoyed the Apple Earbuds as well as the 1More Triple Driver Earphones.  These two sets tend to create a good seal with my ears, which is a must for in-ear style earphones. Alas, there is a problem with earbuds and this is a big problem.  We have all experienced the anger inducing, frustrated feeling of pulling out our gear, to find our earbuds unusable.  They tend to become a lumped-up, knotted mess. You may try to power through the process, attempting to unwind them.  Or you may get fed up and quit.  What if there was a better way than simply shoving them into your pocket or purse/bag?

Nest XL Earphone Holder

Last year, at CES 2016, I learned of the Nest from Allsop.  As a 100% silicone 100% American made device, it proved incredibly useful for transporting my Apple Earbuds, or USB-A to Lightning cable.  The case measured at 2.5-inch diameter and 0.75 inches tall.  To utilize the Nest, you flip the outer lip downward, place the earphones into the central compartment and then run the cord around the outer spool.  Place the end back into one of the six side notes and then flip the outer lip back upwards.  This now encases the cable and keeps the entire cord unraveled and unknotted.  Since it is made of silicone, the device will last a very long time and is resistant to wear/tear. The device is very flexible and is easy to get your cables in and out of the compartment.  The major issue with the Nest was the size of some of the cables/headphones.  This device cannot accommodate larger earbuds.

Nest XL Earphone Holder

This year at CES 2017, Allsop introduced me to the Nest XL.  Instead of the 2.5″ diameter version from last year, the XL version is a 3.5″ diameter device and will accommodate cords up to 48″ long.  At 2.0 ounces and 1 inch tall (closed), this design is similar but much larger.  In fact, you can place the original Nest inside of the Nest XL.  To utilize this device, you will follow the same steps as before.  Fold the outer lip of the device downward.  Place your device of choice into the center of the Nest and then wrap the cable around the outer spool.  Finally Snap the outer lip back into place. To remove the cable, grab the center plug and pull upwards.  This will unspool the cable.  The Nest Xl will allow you to enjoy the same tangle-free design of the Nest, as well as the full protection that the little brother Nest provided.

Nest XL Earphone Holder

Whether you need the more portable, pocket-friendly version of the Nest or the larger cargo pocket/purse design, you will find that your cables are ready for you when you need them.  The coloration is incredibly useful as they will not get lost.  Whether you drop them while camping or lose them in a room, the neon green coloration of the Nest XL or the green/pink/blue colors of the Nest will stand out.  I rate the device 5/5 as it is lightweight and works incredibly well to solve the problem of the knotted cables.

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