The Nest Learning Thermostat is set to receive a substantial software update.

Starting this week, Nest Learning Thermostats will be getting a software update to include a more advanced Auto-Schedule function. The Auto-schedule function is probably the most valued feature of the Nest Thermostat and the developers have improved the algorithm to give users more simplicity and more energy savings. In addition to the enhanced Auto-schedule feature, Nest developers have also included a Quick View function and a System Test. The details of each of these features are outlined below. Nest has also included time and weather support for more countries throughout the globe. To see if your Nest Thermostat has updated, go to the Energy History or push the ring and see if you have a Quick View weather option. This will include an outdoor temperature and humidity reading. If you haven’t received it, give it a few days.

Details about the Nest 4.3 Software Updates from the Nest Blog – 

Enhanced Auto-Schedule – Auto-Schedule can now help you save up to 6% more on your heating and cooling bills by learning new schedules quickly and adapting to changes better. So when your schedule shifts – like when summer’s over and the kids are back at school – Nest can now catch on faster that the temperature adjustments you’re making are part of a new pattern rather than just one-off changes.

Quick View – One of our biggest customer requests has always been to show the time and outside temperature on the thermostat. So now we’ve made that info – plus the basics of what your thermostat is up to – a lot easier to reach. Push the ring once and you’ll see weather, outdoor temp and humidity. Turn the ring and you’ll see a quick summary of everything you need to know, like how much energy you used yesterday or what’s next on your schedule. Instead of having to scroll through settings and menus, all the info you need for the day will be right on the display.

System Test – To make sure your system is running – heating when you turn on heat, cooling when you turn on the air conditioning – your thermostat can run you through a System Test. It’ll walk you through basic functions so you can spot and solve any issues. The Nest app will also be updated this week to include System Test.

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