Nest Earphone Holder great for earbud users on the go.

Nest Earphone Holder ReviewIs there anything that is more annoying than starting a work-out, or wanting to listen to music and your earbuds are an unusable clump of a mess? You spend 5-10 minutes trying to unwind them, or get it good enough that you can get the ear pieces into your ears and then plug the headphone jack into the phone. I often feel short-sheeted.

While walking around the 2+million square foot of showroom floor at CES 2016, I was introduced to Allsop, Inc. I was introduced to their many products and learned about them. This company has delivered innovative tech accessory products (computer, mobile devices in the home and office, fitness and decorative solar lighting) across multiple industries, for the past 50 years. This year, they were demonstrating a patent pending technology called the Nest Earbud case from Digital Innovations. I do not stop in my tracks often. However, on this occasion, I actually changed course and walked over to evaluate the little device.

Nest Earphone Holder ReviewInitial Impression:
The packaging is neat, professional and demonstrates the product very well. The clear plastic is very appealing to me as a consumer. In my opinion, the clear plastic provides the best way to showcase the product. I do have one criticism about the packaging. There is a lot of wasted space in the packaging. The box could be a few inches shorter, vertically. This would likely use less plastic and save money for the company and consumer. The earbud case is nestled at that bottom of the packaging, with a plastic demonstration of the method to use the Nest above. Opening the top of the packaging, the thin plastic picture is easily removed and the Nest slides out easily. It is a silicone case that weighs in at 0.8 ounces.

Nest Earphone Holder ReviewThe Device:
I was given a green Nest to review. The device is also available in Blue and pink. It measures at 2.5 inch diameter and 0.75 inches tall. To use the device, simply flip the outer lip downward into the “open” position using your thumbs. Place the earpieces into the center protective compartment and lead the cord through one of the side notches. Wrap the cord around the spool in either clockwise or counterclockwise fashion. When complete, finally place the 3.5 mm headphone jack into the inner compartment. Next, flip the outer lip back over the spool “snap.” There is minimal learning curve to this procedure. It is easy to spool, easy to store and fits nicely into a pocket. The silicone allows this to bend and flex quite easily. I appreciate this over more rigid cases. The Apple earbud case was designed to fulfill a similar niche, but the Nest device seems to do it better and is much more comfortable in my pocket. Your earbuds stay safe on the spool and remain untangled, until you are ready for them. To remove your earbuds, simply grab the 3.5 mm headphone jack and lift up. The cord will unspool neatly, until the ear pieces pop out of the silicone case.  When you’re done, simply re-spool.

Nest Earphone Holder ReviewI like that the colors are more neon in nature, as they are easier to see/find. In my experience, reds and blacks tend to blend into the environment and are easier to lose. This device is ideal for camping, for anyone on the go, and for anyone who uses their earbuds regularly. I would like to see a glow in the dark option, to allow for improved loss prevention. My favorite aspect about the Nest is that it is Made in the USA and is 100% silicone. I rate this as 5/5 stars and is the best option to solve the earbud tangling issue.

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