NAVIGON 7100 Review

GPS Navigator

My review on the Navigon 7100, this product has panned out extremely well. I have found it to be better then I had ever expected. While searching for about 2 months to find a great deal on a GPS unit, with all the features, I have finally found one. The Navigon 7100 is amazing, I was shocked to see all the features this unit had for the price. Navigon is not A big name in the US GPS market, they are under the 3 main companies for GPS units, Garmin, Tomtom, and Magellan. But in my opinion, Navigon can hold there own in the GPS market just fine. They offer “free traffic updates for life.” yes, I said life, not a 6 month or one-year deal but life. The 7100 unit comes with all the features that high-end models like the Garmin and Tomtom and Magellan offer. Such as:

Bluetooth hands-free calling,

Super accurate voice-guided and voice command navigation (speaks street names)

Easy to use menus,

Stunning high-contrast 3D map views,

Extra-wide 4.3” touchscreen (16:9)

Branded Points of Interest

Reality view and lane assistant

Subscription-free traffic reports

More POI’s that matter over 6 million-plus ZAGAT survey ratings and reviews.

This Navigon 7100 GPS unit was very impressive, I took my 7100 for a test drive the same night of buying it. I found that the unit was extremely responsive and it took me where I wanted to go without any problems. I tried this unit out in places I knew. I could not have been more pleased. Even while taking an off-ramp this unit stayed right on the road, What do I mean by staying right on the road, well in other units I have had in the past while taking an off-ramp. They tend to not keep up with the pace of your driving, for an example, a Garmin 200 W I had tested before while taking an off-ramp it showed on the screen, I was still driving a straight line, till the turn was fully made, then the Garmin unit moved to the direction in which I was going. Not that big of a deal I guess, but if you were to have a left or right turn straight off the ramp then the GPS unit would have missed it.

The Navigon did not miss anything, I even tried to mess it up by not taking the routes it gave me, this unit recalculated as I drove and gave me a new path extremely fast. This unit even came with a wall outlet for charging your unit indoors. along with a case to carry it and a 2 gigabit SD card and car charger.

Don’t get me wrong! there are a few things I found aggravating like the GPS units car mount does not have a tilt to it so if you want to post the GPS on the left side of your windshield you may not be able to, The speaker is not as loud as I would have liked the Tomtom and Garmin’s are much louder that was sort of disappointing but what does make up for that is the 7100 has a headphone jack you can plug into the AUX of your car and use the speakers to listen if needed. One other thing I found weird about this is the SD card after following the online instructions on how to install updates. The 2 gig SD card would not hold the new updates I had to take out Hawaii and the US Virgin islands not a big deal again for me as I will not be heading there any time soon.

All in all this Navigon 7100 GPS unit seemed to work extremely well. I had read other reviews on this product and some were good and some were bad but nether told me what I had to know, So I thought I would just buy it and see for my self, If you want a good GPS and are not convinced from my review or others online I ask you to just buy it try it and take it back if you don’t like it for an exchange. I highly doubt after using this wonderful GPS unit that you would consider taking it back. With all the features the 7100 has you will be off to discover the world with no worries in no time. Don’t let the high-end companies who advertise non stop draw you into buying something with fewer features. I have been checking for 2 months trying to find the best deal on GPS units,
and for all the time I have spent. I am pleased to say I got mine, and it was well worth the wait.