The plant, cat, and dog identifier got a lot of new features and improvements.

NatureID helps you to identify plants, cats, and dogs with a tap of your finger. With the app, you can identify over 10,000 plants and recognize over 108 cat breeds and over 487 dog breeds. Once the object is identified, you will get a description of the plant, cat, or dog and have the ability to care for it accordingly.

NatureID is an excellent hobbyist tool with a striking mix of technology and nature. It will identify all mysterious seedlings in your garden and save you from pulling flowers by mistake. It will tell you the breeds of all the dogs playing in the park and elaborate about all the cats basking in the sun on the windowsills. And if you travel often, you can keep a record of all the plants, cats, and dogs you encounter on your trips.

A winter update for NatureID was just released and the app received a lot of new features and improvements including:

  • faster recognition speed 
  • filters optimization for plants, cats, and dogs
  • new articles with recommendations on purchasing the most popular plants
  • sharing of the photos of plants and pets you’ve recognized
  • evaluate recognition accuracy

You can download NatureID right here for free (premium options available).

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