Native Union DOCK Lightning a beautiful centerpiece for your phone.

One of my favorite accessories for my iPhone is its charging dock. It’s so easy to be able to place it on charge at the end of the day rather than searching for the elusive charging cable that inevitably slides behind your bedside table. Charging docks keep your phone upright, make them easy to view, and keep them powered up and ready at a moment’s notice. While I love my old dock, it isn’t what you call stylish. It’s function over form in this instance and not too long ago, I started looking at what else was out there. That’s when I found the DOCK by Native Union.

Native Union DOCK Lightning Review

Native Union (NU) continues to impress me with a line of products that are so modern looking, they could be created by Apple. They are complementary for Apple mobile devices and unique enough to becoming the topic of conversation when sitting on a desk. DOCK is no exception. NU designers really looked at function and form when they created this modern work of art.

Native Union DOCK Lightning Review

The base of the DOCK is made of silicone and is weighted so your devices don’t tip over when you are charging them. NU wanted consumers to be able to use this dock for many different products – phones as well as tablets – so they kept the design open. In fact, their website actually shows a photo that includes Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic TrackPad as devices that could be charged using the DOCK.

Native Union DOCK Lightning Review

DOCK does not come pre-equipped with a charging cable. Like some other charing docks, you have to provide your own, but the beauty of this design is that you don’t have to use a proprietary cable – you can use your own Apple Lightning Cable, or third party cable that is the same size. DOCK is also made to work with NU’s Belt Lightning Cable, which is a very nice, premium corded cable. In addition to testing out DOCK, I was also able to test out the 4ft Belt cable. It worked flawlessly on its own and routed nicely through the DOCK’s cable channel. The nice thing about the Belt cable is that it comes equipped with a leather cable tie. When I had the DOCK set-up at work, I plugged in the Belt cable and charged my iPhone throughout the day. There was quite a bit of excess cable between the DOCK and the outlet. So, I wrapped it up using the leather cable tie. It’s a wonderful, flexible cable that doesn’t tangle easily.


So, once you’ve chosen your charging cable, you route it through the bottom of the DOCK. There is a simple plastic cap on the bottom that slides out easily. Stored on the inside of this cap are two adapters to choose from for your standard Apple Lightning charging cable – one to use if your phone is naked, and the other to use if you have a case with it. I tested both out options and found that each fit perfectly. One of my biggest pet peeves about docks is that they usually don’t accommodate for users who keep their phones in a case. Native Union did take this into consideration by offering the two different adapters.

Native Union DOCK Lightning Review

The last piece of the DOCK is the aluminum backplate. This is a visually stunning part to the dock and it serves as a stabilizing piece, too. It slides down into its groove and stays securely in place.

I really like the DOCK by Native Union because of its elegant simplicity. It’s got a really nice weight to it and it really acts as a design piece as well as a charging dock. DOCK matches the DOCK for Apple Watch beautifully.

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