Native Union Clic 360 Case is 3D mesh protection to save the day.

Recently, Native Union has started showing up on my radar more and more. I’ve been a fan of this company for some time, but they seem to be popping up more than ever. We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing their DOCK for Apple Watch and DOCK Lightning in the past six months and now, I’ve been privileged to test out the Clic 360 iPhone Case with my iPhone 6s Plus.

Clic 360 is available for both iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus. With a tagline of “Maximum Protection, Minimum Bulk,” you can expect to find a sturdy, well-built case that doesn’t intrude on the design of the iPhone. Native Union did a nice job on the design of this case. The outside has sort of a dual covering – slick silicone and waxed canvas. At first glance, it looks like a fairly standard case, but like so many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Native Union Clic 360 Case for iPhone 6s Plus REVIEW

So, what makes this sleek case different this any other random case on the market? I’m glad you asked. Native Union has added 3D MESH Protection to the inside of the case. This gives the case a shock absorbing bumper that disperses energy away from your phone and screen if dropped. It’s military drop-tested and exceeds ML-STD 810. I’ve not really seen this feature (the military drop standard) on cases other than full defender cases before. It’s a welcome addition to the bumper-style case and Native Union really did a nice job with this design.

While having the ability to protect your phone, some cases lack beauty. This is where the Clic 360 excels. It’s made with British Millerain waxed canvas that provides style and durability. It’s designed to wear over time that will give your case a vintage look. Clic 360 is offered in several different colors – Navy (the color I tested), Black, Olive, Sand, and Marsala. The Navy is a deep, dark blue that is very classy looking. I have a gold iPhone 6s Plus and though the Navy really set it off nicely.

Native Union Clic 360 Case for iPhone 6s Plus REVIEW

I’m constantly switching cases for my job here at MacSources, but I try to go case-free when I’m not reviewing cases. Yes, I keep my phone case-naked. I really enjoy the feel of the natural iPhone and it’s design. The Clic 360 is one of those cases that I could easily get behind keeping on my phone in between reviews because I really enjoy the feel and look. The one thing I dislike about the case is how Native Union decided to add their logo on a broad square on the back of the case. Blue and Brown go well together, but I feel the little square tosses off the design. I think putting the logo inside the case would have given it more of a sleek look and I would have appreciated that much more.

Native Union Clic 360 Case for iPhone 6s Plus REVIEWNative Union’s Clic  360 is a very nice option for a protective, stylish case.

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