Feel like James Bond with this set of 1080P Sunglasses eyewear.  Never be without a means to take video or photographs.

I have been a fan of spy movies, swat movies, and sci-fi films since I was a young child.  Whether I was reading comic books about super hero’s or watching Star Wars/Star Trek, I enjoyed the role that tech played in the lives of the characters.  One of my personal favorite characters has always been Bond, James Bond.  Well, that it is not entirely true.  If I had to name a favorite character, it would be Q.   I tend to watch Bond movies to see what new tech gadgets are available and how they are used to creatively get out of situations.  Who has not dreamt of being a spy or secret agent?

I have received a pair of sporty HD1080P Eyewear Video Recorder.  The cardboard box displays the glasses on the cover and details a few of the basic specs.  The device can utilize up to a 32GB card, contains polarized lenses, records at 30FPS in 1920x1080P and will record for 2 hours on a charge.  The top of the box shows 5 action sequences: rollerblading, quad riding, mountain biking, skiing, and climbing.   The bottom and the back further detail the specs of the glasses:  500mAh Li-Po battery, single button on/off and you can connect the glasses to your computer via USB, without any drivers or remove the SD card.   Opening the box, you will notice that they not only provide a really neat pair of recording sunglasses but also provide a hard clamshell case in black/silver.

Napoer HD1080P Eyewear Video Recorder REVIEW

The provided five-panel accordion style manual is quite well done.  The most useful part of the manual is the diagram on page 2.  You, like my seven your old son, will notice the camera conveniently located between the lenses.  The camera is turned downward,  recording at a 65-degree angle.  The two ear pieces are quite thick, to encompass the hardware of the device.  The right earpiece holds the MicroSD card slot, the USB micro charging port and the on/off function.  The button is located along the temple and a single press will take a photo and a 2-second press will record video.  There is a little blue LED button that will flash inside the ear piece.  You are supposed to be able to see this with your peripheral vision of your right eye.  It is a little difficult, however.

One of the weaknesses of the device is the single button.  To turn the device on, press the silver button along the right temple for 2 seconds and the blue LED will illuminate.  Once on, you can press the button to take an eight-megapixel photograph.  Press the button for 2-3 seconds and you can record.  Yes, it is actually designed to be this easy to utilize.  Unfortunately, if you hold the button too long, you will not record and the device will turn off.  A 2-3 second press will activate the video recording and a 3-4 second hold will turn off the device.  There is not much room for error.  I missed a few great shots, as the camera was off instead of recording.  When you are done recording, you can release the microSD card from the glasses and plug the card into an SD card reader.  The 8GB card is a very reasonable inclusion.  Initially, I wished that there was an included microSD card reader.  However, one workaround for this problem is to simply plug the glasses into your computer via the USB.  The SD card is fully searchable as if you plugged the SD card into a reader.  This utility is actually far superior to having to remove the card.

Napoer HD1080P Eyewear Video Recorder REVIEW

The weight, at 55grams, is rather heavy and you will notice the bulk on your head.  However, after a while, you will habituate the glasses and forget that they are there.  The side ear pieces are rather thick and my wife does not like them, not one bit.  Personally, they block the sun, they record video and they are a cool gadget.  Most of the glasses that I have utilized have narrow side/arms and they do not tend to block the light input at the periphery.  I have worn them for the past week and I actually like the feel now.  Additionally, I am really pleased that there is an included case.  This helps to prevent scratching the lenses and with the plastic belt loop clip, helps to keep them out of your pocket, reducing crushing. They also include a lens wipe and a 23″ USB A to USB micro connector. The lenses change really easily by pulling downward on the lens.  You can then slide the clear lens in if you desire.  I did not find that the lenses are ballistic.  I would like to know that these are similar to shooting glasses as they are encouraged for hunters.

I did test the glasses while using my bow.   I am right handed, hold the bow in my left and draw the string with my right.  I place the knock at the right angle of my lip and aim through the sight at the target. I found that the comfortable angle for my shot, had the glasses angled slightly towards the right and not towards the target.  I could see the target just fine but the camera follows your head angle and not the eye angle.  Thus, my head is at an oblique angle, while my eyes are in line with my shoulders/stance.  It was very convenient to be able to have a camera and video recorder on my person.  The start/stop feature was very easy to utilize.  However, I was not able to assuredly know if the long press to start the recording actually started the recording or if it powered off.  In daylight, the blue flashing is not that noticeable.  I think I had more use for the picture option than I did the video option.

Napoer HD1080P Eyewear Video Recorder REVIEW

I really like that they included the clamshell case and that the lenses are polarized.  The clear lenses are not really that useful to me, but the dark lenses are quite beneficial.  I am not certain if the lenses are ballistic-rated. The image quality was okay, the video was okay.  However, it seems that the images were not as sharp as I expected for a 1080P video.  I received the glasses in black but they are available in yellow/black.  The packaging notes that these are perfect for hunters, archers, anglers, ATV enthusiasts, journalists, traffic police, travelers and anyone else who may be interested in recording.  It is very convenient to be able to have glasses that serve a dual role.  Sometimes having the GoPro is just not convenient.  The sound from the recording is quite good. The recording itself is not bad.  I would rate the device at 4/5 stars based on my usage.  I would like to try them on a bike ride.  I would like to consider using them as a dash cam or similar if needed.   The device is convenient and is likely to be with you when you want it.  How often do events occur and you cannot find your camera/phone.