Perfect Protection for the DJI Mavic Pro

Nothing hurts more than dropping a bunch of money on a product just to have it break during transport. If only you would have spent the extra money on a case that would protect it. That’s what I decided to do when I got the DJI Mavic Pro. Since I knew that I wanted to fly the magical little drone a lot, I would need something more than a backpack to carry it around. When I looked around at Best Buy and on Amazon, I found no shortage of bags, cases, and hard shell containers for the Mavic Pro but none of them offered what I wanted in a case to protect my expensive piece of equipment. Finally, I found this waterproof case from Nanuk, a company I had never heard of before looking into cases for the Mavic Pro. Nanuk was there to rescue me with just what I wanted in a case to protect this investment.

Nanuk 920 Waterproof Hard Case for DJI Mavic Pro REVIEW

Nanuk designed an awesome waterproof case (rated IP67) made from high-impact resistant NK-7 resin. This is one of those types of purchases you find and just want to brag to all your friends on how well it’s made. The foam inside is custom laser cut and is safe to store the Mavic Pro, remote, four flight batteries, extra propellers, charger and other accessories. Aside from how strong the high-impact case is, it’s waterproof design is impressive in its own right. Nanuk says it can be submerged in 3ft of water for 30 minutes and the case will not leak. A special custom designed waterproofing seal is used in all Nanuk cases and is made to fit all of their products. With Nanuk you will always know your device is protected from water.

Nanuk 920 Waterproof Hard Case for DJI Mavic Pro REVIEW

In addition to the waterproof feature, the Nanuk 920 is also among the lighter weight cases I’ve seen. When it’s empty, it weighs approximately 5.1 pounds. The case has a maximum buoyancy 40 pounds. So as long as you don’t load it down with more than 35 pounds of gear, you shouldn’t have to dive to search for it. The 920 fits the requirements for carry-on size luggage (for most airlines) so it’s easy to fly with. Nanuk also provides a Conditional Lifetime Guarantee.

Some cases that I looked at had lots going for them but failed when it came to making getting my drone in and out of the case with ease. I wanted something that was easy to open but would not randomly open when bouncing around in the back of my truck or while on a flight. Nanuk has a Power claw latching system that they use on all of their cases and it is engineered to perfection.

Nanuk 920 Waterproof Hard Case for DJI Mavic Pro REVIEW

Before learning about Nanuk, I had heard of other rugged cases and while I’m sure there might be other premium, rugged style cases out there for the Mavic Pro, I have been supremely happy with the performance of the Nanuk. I believe it will serve me incredibly well in keeping the Mavic Pro safe and dry.

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