Useful home-based therapy for chronic pain.

In my teenage years, I was a well-accomplished martial artist. I tried in Taekwondo mostly and was actually an instructor. Unfortunately, there was an accident that occurred during a demonstration that caused my ACL to tear in my left leg. After having two reconstruction surgeries and lots of physical therapy, I was able to walk and do most activities, but I suffer from a lot of arthritic pain from the build of scar tissue. I’ve seen numerous doctors for this issue and the only thing that they’ve really been able to do is to try different medications. I have found that alternative forms of therapy — like massage therapy — actually works better for me than medicinal treatments. 

Naipo Leg Massager with Heat REVIEW

I’ve tried many different forms of massage therapy, but it wasn’t until I had emergency surgery to remove my appendix a few years ago that I found something that really helps — leg wraps. If you’ve ever had surgery or visited someone who has had surgery, you have probably seen these. They are cuffs that wrap around the calf to stimulate the muscle and help prevent blood clots while the patient is laying in bed. After my surgery, I found that I had some relief from the nonstop pain I typically feel because of those cuffs. Unfortunately, I haven’t found an equivalent option at home until now. The Naipo Leg Massager with Heat provides the same type of therapy that those hospital cuffs do — and more. 


The Leg Massager with Heat from Naipo is a leg wrap that combines relaxing  massage with soothing heat. The massager delivers pressure on the calf, foot, thigh or arm areas (anywhere you can place the cuff). There are two different modes and three different intensity levels to choose from for treatments. The cuff on the massager is covered with soft, skin-friendly microplush fabric for ultimate comfort. It has a buckle design and triple adhesive tape. The cuffs are adjustable (up to 24-inch circumference) for the legs. The massager is not cordless and does require that the device be connected by a power adapter. The tightness of the massage wraps affects the intensity a user would feel. There is a 15-minute auto timer for the heat and the leg massager is programmed with 150 minutes auto off features to avoid overuse. 

Naipo Leg Massager with Heat REVIEW


The first thing I noticed was how soft the leg wraps are. The cloth that the cuffs are wrapped in is an extremely soft fleece-like material and they feel really nice when you put them on. I was actually concerned that I would need to find a cloth to put between the cuff and my leg in case the material that was used was harsh against my skin, but no. It’s soft and luxurious. 

The next thing I noticed was that the cables that go from the cuffs to the pump and power supply are quite thick. This is probably the only real complaint I have with this device. I know that these massage cuffs have to have some way to be connected to power and compression, but I wish the cables could be smaller or better hidden. When you have the cuffs on the cables are sort of front and center and hard to miss. I’m sure some people may be able to see past this, but for me, the cables caused a bit of discomfort for me simply because I got tangled up a time or two. 

Naipo Leg Massager with Heat REVIEW

I also found that the cuffs are not one-size-fits-all. My calves are a bit larger than some people so even though the cuffs ‘fit,’ they were snug and it was difficult to properly get them on and off without fumbling with them. The description of the device states “buckle design and triple adhesive tapes make single-hand operation possible,” but I couldn’t adjust the cuffs since they were a little small for my legs. As a result, I needed a second pair of hands (from my fiance) to make sure the cuffs were secure before I began a therapy session. I would love to see an extention or just a larger size offered of the Leg Massager. As far as the ‘heat’ function of the massager, it was decent, but not hot. I would say it was a warming effect, which did help. 


The Naipo Leg Massager with Heat is definitely a winning massage therapy device for my house. It’s relaxing and I love being able to put the cuffs on while I’m reclined in my chair to receive therapy. It’s a great alternative option to medication and enough of a variation from other massage therapy that I partake in that it actually helps my chronic pain. 

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