MyTherapy iOS App is the ultimate medication reminder and health journal.

Many of the key healthcare challenges lie in the way people tackle chronic disease. According to the World Health Organisation, 50% of medication prescribed to the chronically is not taken at all or not taken correctly. We explore the role of mobile in meeting these challenges and review an ultimate healthcare app — MyTherapy Medication Reminder & Health Journal made by smart patient GmbH (Germany).

MyTherapy is aimed at supporting patients with chronic conditions in adhering to their prescribed treatment plans. App core functionality allows users to manage meds and track measurements and symptoms in one place. At the same time MyTherapy’s health journal summarizes medication intake and other health-related information. It also uses the built-in pdf-report for better discussions with the physician.

MyTherapy iOS App Review, Medication Reminder & Health Journal MyTherapy iOS App Review, Medication Reminder & Health Journal

MyTherapy stably gets the highest user ratings and reviews. We see the following 5 major prerequisites for gaining such success for the apps of that kind:

1) Enthusiastic team.  Aspiration for innovation in healthcare is invisible for users, but omnipresent in every detail. Sebastian Gaede, Philipp Legge and Julian Weddige founded SmartPatient in late 2012, and then went mobile with MyTherapy app to suit the emerging needs and opportunities of the modern life. MyTherapy is built in cooperation with patients, doctors, and researchers from the University Hospital Charité and the university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar. Last year the team was awarded with the Felix Burda Award for the best idea for preventing bowel cancer.

2) Data-based practical approach. MyTherapy users create a wealth of data, which is being anonymized and aggregated to analyse typical demographics and behavioural patterns of selected groups. This insight helps MyTherapy research partners to improve healthcare solutions, thereby allowing support for research without compromising users’ privacy.

3) Fine-tuned experience. An expert team with a dedicated UX specialist regularly watches user interacting with MyTherapy, conducts interviews, and evaluates user’s activity within the app. The team checks operability and comprehensibility, tests new features to guarantee they are truly helpful. They go even further and engage users in the co-creation with their collection of ideas page.

4) Comprehensive solution. MyTherapy puts entire treatment plan into one simple to do list: medication, measurements, and activities. It also supports a wide range of measurements such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, etc. Users can get the app for Android and iOS devices. An iOS app also supports Apple Health app.

MyTherapy iOS App Review, Medication Reminder & Health Journal MyTherapy iOS App Review, Medication Reminder & Health Journal

5) Privacy and security. Protecting privacy is paramount for health apps. MyTherapy corresponds to the guidelines of Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security and exceeds current legal requirements. The app also uses the newest Data Encryption Standards. Only a valid e-mail address is needed to register, or it can be used anonymously. Anyway, the account can be deleted at any time.

It is hoped that individuals can significantly reduce or avoid risky health behaviour with the structured and personalised healthcare apps like MyTherapy. There are truly extensive possibilities for successful collaboration between developers, doctors, and patients.

The app is currently available in Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

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