MyRadar is a popular high-tech, HD radar.

Being a resident of the midwest I find that our weather changes at the drop of a hat. Just this past week we had a nice spring-like day with a high of 76º and then the next day the high was a mere 40º. With weather like this, I like to keep a weather app on my phone that gives me a specific outlook on what’s coming up rather than just one that gives me the temperature. MyRadar does just that.

This fast, accurate, easy to use weather app displays an animated weather radar that is powered by the raw data from NOAA. Right from the start, your location is centered on the weather map and you can see if precipitation is on the way. You can easily zoom in or out by using finger gestures and slide the map around by dragging your finger across the screen. In addition to the weather map, you also have access to a basic weather forecast with a pull-down menu as well as temperatures around the country. There are several overlays like cloud cover and even a flight plan option. You can set weather alerts and send yourself push notifications to warn yourself of severe weather.

MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar iOS App MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar iOS App MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar iOS App

I’ve actually used a lot of weather apps since I’ve had an iOS device. I always seem to find the native app to be substandard to my needs so I upgrade to something with more oompf. MyRadar is definitely a step in the right direction. The map is easy to read and very detailed. I like that you can change the overlays and that there are many options to upgrade your user experience. I don’t like that even after you purchase a ‘pro’ package that there are still locked options for customization. I’d much rather see the one pro price that unlocks all the options.

Other than that, I really like that the app is powered by the NOAA weather radar. It gives me the comfort that the forecast is reliable and I don’t have to be concerned that it’s ‘off’. As the name suggests, the first thing you see when you open the app is the radar. This is another feature that I really like because some apps you have to search for it. I did find that the loading time for the animation could be a bit slow at times. I would love to see a setting that allows for the animation to be paused so that you can load the rest of the app. There were several times that the forecast wouldn’t load at all because the animation kept pausing the rest of the app. I would also like to see the forecast pull-down be located elsewhere on the screen. On more than one occasion, I pulled down the notification center instead of the forecast.

MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar iOS App MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar iOS App MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar iOS App

Overall, this is a nice app, especially if what you are looking for most is an animated radar that is powerful and accurate. If you want something that is a bit faster, you might want to look elsewhere as this app can lag at times.

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