Update brings automatic airport detection and associated delays.

Popular weather radar app, MyRadar, has just released an impressive update for their iOS app. MyRadar is one of the most popular weather apps available with over 10 million active monthly users. Currently, the app shows weather across the globe and with this new update, it will add user’s airport travel and TripIt integration features.

Users will have the ability to view flight arrival and departure times, gate numbers, delays, and any changes to their travel plans within MyRadar. With the TripIt integration, MyRadar will also automatically display the relevant information of their schedule itineraries including your upcoming flight, including departure gate, departure time, and if its on-time or delayed.  These new features give MyRadar users the same access to the minute to minute weather predictions, storm tracking and temperature displays, with the added convenience of all their travel information as well. The app will automatically detect when you open it at a major airport and will show you any delays at the airport. Even when not using TripIt, the app will allow the user to search for their flight (or any other flight).

MyRadar continues to be a strong app for an accurate, animated radar. For our full review on MyRadar, visit macsources.com/myradar.

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