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Ever since I was in high school I’ve suffered from back pain. I know that a big reason for this is because I was a drummer in our high school’s marching band. Nearly every day for 3-4 months in the fall for three consecutive years, I was carrying 25-30 pounds of weight in front of me and that ends up taking its toll on the human body. Now, almost 20 years later, I’ve developed some chronic lower back issues that are aggravated by the fact that I sit at a computer for the majority of the day. I’ve tried several different methods of pain relief, but none of them seem to really help much except for a massage.

There are a lot of options for at home massagers and I’ve found that the easiest one to use for my personal situation is actually a neck and shoulder massager. The design is simple. The mechanical part of the massager is located in the center of the device and the controls are on one side. There are two arm loops that give you the ability to stabilize the massager on your neck and shoulders. I’ve recently been using the Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat, which is unique because it’s rechargeable. Most massagers of this style must be plugged into power in order to use them, but that can become rather cumbersome – especially if you want to sit at a desk while using it. This cordless option gives you the ability to use it anywhere – even when you aren’t sitting right next to a power outlet.

Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat REVIEW

I’ve actually had the opportunity to use more than one of these types of massagers and I’ve found that the Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager works the best for me. Even though its design is similar to other massagers I’ve used, there are some big differences in the way its made. In addition to it being cordless and rechargeable, this Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager features:

  • Intuitive Use: A ‘lift’ design adds extra support and comfort. Set your massage via perfectly placed controls, and toggle intensity by pulling down.
  • Under Pressure: Adjust heat, rotation, and speed — 8 shiatsu nodes cover a wide surface-area, ensuring the perfect, personalized massage. Use around your neck, shoulders, back, arms or legs.
  • Skin-Friendly: Engineered from premium materials for a cushioned, non-abrasive massage. A superior, multi-layer build provides long-term durability.

Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat REVIEW

In addition to the massaging power behind the Mynt massager, one of the first things I noticed about this device was its finish. What I mean by that is the covering on the mechanism itself. On other massagers like this, they typically have a polyurethane covering. This one has a soft, microfiber over most of it. It also just has a more polished look with stronger stitching and more premium materials.

After using this massager consistently for about 2 weeks, I’ve found that my back muscles seem to stay more relaxed longer than when I’m not using it. I’ve used the massager when I’m in pain and when I’m not in pain. I’ve found that for me, it’s sort of a therapy for me and that it’s been successful how I’ve been using it. I set the massager at the base of my back and lean into it so that I’m applying additional pressure to my problem spots. Other people might find different ways to use the massager, but this works for me.

Mynt Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat REVIEW

I really like this massager from Mynt and think it’s the best example of this style of massager.

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