myCharge Style Power Portable Charger great for on-the-go charging.

One of the most useful accessories for any mobile user is an external battery. Personally, I have 5-6 really nice ones. I have different capacities for different uses; some have built-in cables and some don’t. The reason I have them all is the same though. I don’t want to be caught without a power source for my phone. Sure I have other devices that need to be charged, too, but my phone is my lifeline to the world – as I am sure it is for many of your reading this right now. So, when I look for a battery specifically for my phone, I want something that is as portable as it is powerful. One company I’ve been very impressed with in recent months is myCharge. They have a line of batteries that are ‘pre-charged,’ which is fantastic for when you need to purchase a battery on the go because your precious battery is done below 5% on your phone. You can immediately pull the battery from myCharge out of the package and plug in. The Style Power Portable Charger from myCharge is one of those batteries. And, it’s perfect for mobile phone charging.

myCharge Style Power Portable Charger Review

Out of the box, I was immediately impressed with this little battery based on its portability. First of all, it comes with a very handy quick start guide card in the box. Most people would think, “It’s a battery. All I do is plug into it and charge. Why would I need directions for that?” I for one appreciate this extra touch because it spells out things like warnings about leaving the battery in direct sunlight and what the different ways you can charge it are. It’s a nice touch in my opinion.

The other striking thing about this battery pack is its color. I have the Style Power Teal, but there are two other color choices – Black Dot and Brushstroke. The teal is a very nice green color and because of its color, it’s very easy to find. It stands out in a crowd of batteries. The battery only weighs 72.5 grams, which is about 44% less than my iPhone 6. Weight is an important factor to me when I’m choosing a battery specifically for my phone. My thought is that I want to be able to plug in to that battery and charge the pair in my pocket while I am in the transit. I don’t want to have to “set it up” somewhere on a table and wait for it. If I were going to do that, I would just plug my phone into the wall. So, the Style Power, only a bit larger than a tube of lipstick, is perfect for this purpose.

The battery inside the pack is 2,000 mAh, which is ideal for the quick charge of the iPhone. If the Style Power is fully charged, you should get one full power up of the iPhone 6, which has a battery of 1,810 mAh. As I’ve mentioned throughout my review, this battery pack is perfect for mobile phone charging, but not for tablets. It has an output of 1.0A, which means, it will charge a tablet, but very, very slowly. I do not recommend it for that purpose.

myCharge Style Power Portable Charger Review

Aside from its capacity and style, the Style Power has a couple of other really nice features for a battery of its size. First of all, it allows pass-through charging, which means if you are charging the battery – via wall, computer, or car charger – and you plug your phone into it, the phone will receive a charge as well as the battery. And, your phone will receive the charge first, then the battery will be powered up. Again, this makes the Style Power wonderful for travelers because you can plug the pair in while you are on a roadtrip, both devices will get charged, and you are free to do whatever activities you want, knowing that you will have a backup battery for your phone.

The other really nice feature for this battery is the integrated USB charging cable. The battery has a standard USB for you to plug in your device’s charging cable, but then it has its own USB charging cable built-in. This is great because its own less cable for you to worry about carrying. Once plugged in, your device should automatically start charging. If not, all you have to do is tap the power button. The power button also lights up the LEDs on the end of the battery to show the power level on it.

myCharge Style Power Portable Charger Review

For a quick test, I plugged my iPhone 6 into the battery pack and let it charge for about 5 minutes. This is a pretty standard test for me because there are a lot of batteries in the market that overheat and don’t charge very quickly within that time period. Within my ‘test’ period, I found that my iPhone 6 received about 3% battery power, which translates to about 0.6% per minute. Based off of my experience with portable battery chargers, this was an acceptable rate to me. If you are in a jam and need that extra boost, you will be able to gain quite a bit of battery power in a short period of time.

myCharge Style Power Portable Charger ReviewThe Style Power seems to be a very capable battery and is the perfect combination of power and style for me. It’s very affordable and great for on-the-go lifestyles.

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