Simple Power clip-on power ready for quick on-the-go charging

myCharge is a battery company I can get behind. For one thing, they always pre-charge their portable batteries so when you buy them, you will be set to power up on the go. Besides that, I’ve just found their products to be durable and long-lasting. I’ve tried out some of their largest capacity batteries and today, I am excited to have my hands on the Simple Power, a 2200 mAh power bank.

The Simple Power is a cleanly designed device that provides ultra-fast charging for devices. It has a standard USB port for you to plug your cable into and a Micro USB input port to recharge it. This tiny power bank has ‘smart-sense’ and will ensure that your device gets the best charge possible. The internal battery is high-density and is listed on myCharge’s website as the smallest and lightest power bank. The Simple Power also provides passthrough charging for devices when it’s plugged into the wall to recharge itself.

myCharge Simple Power Portable Charger

The Simply Power has a very smart design. The battery has a cylinder shape so it hangs nicely on my backpack when traveling from its attached caribeaner. I like the built-in carabiner. The only downside I really see with this battery is that you still have to carry a cable to connect to your device and to charge so just having it clipped on your bag doesn’t stop you from having to still open the bag and pull out a cable to charge your smartphone. This isn’t a deal breaker for me though. I still find the design useful. I’m more prone to have it with me when clipping it to my bag rather than remembering to slide a larger power bank in the bag.

myCharge Simple Power Portable Charger

myCharge states that you should get around 1X extra from the Simple Power battery. Most batteries have an indicator button with LED’s that when pressed you can see the status of percentage left on your battery. The Simple Power does it a bit differently due to its size and shape. Here is how to know the status of your battery.

  • RED = critically low
  • RED = Low Battery
  • GREEN = Fully Charged

All in all, this is a very handy portable battery. The SimplePower is not the battery you need to charge all your devices or even one device multiple times during the same day, but for the one quick power up you need while on the go, it has you covered.

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