Razor Platinum provides a high capacity battery for on the go charging.

In recent days, I’ve made it a habit of carrying portable batteries with me at all times. My phone is my lifeline to the world and I almost always drain it to less than 10% battery before the day is done. When I’m sitting at my desk, that’s no problem. I can just plug a Lightning cable in and recharge. But, when I’m out and about, I need another option. There are a lot of battery options out there and you have to be very cautious about which brands to trust. One of my ‘go to’ brands is myCharge. They specialize in portable power and they make a high-quality product. I’m happy to have added to my collection of myCharge batteries recently with the Razor Platinum Portable Charge for MacBook. What makes this battery so unique is its ability to fully charge a MacBook computer.

myCharge Razor Platinum

The Razor Platinum is a 13400 mAh battery encased in a gorgeous aluminum colored shell. The battery weighs 437 grams, which is twice what my iPhone 7 Plus weighs, but it’s still compact enough to toss into a laptop bag or even carry in my pocket. There are three ports on the Razor — a USB-C input, a USB-C output, and a USB-A (standard USB) port. The Razor packaged with a short (less than 6-inches) USB-C/USB-A cable for recharging the battery. This cable will also work as an output charging cable. There is a small 4-LED indicator light that shows the amount of charge the battery has. You shake the battery to see the charge it has. This shaking motion also activates charging of devices if they don’t automatically start charging when they are connected.

myCharge Razor Platinum

In addition to the basic specs, the Razor Platinum has some pretty impressive technology behind it.

  • Smart-sense for device compatibility
  • Hyper-charge powers your devices up 65% faster
  • Safe-cell maintains battery safety
  • Rapid-recharge ensures a quick recharge of the battery — up to 50% faster than other power banks
  • Pass Through Charging allows devices to charge while the power bank is recharging

In my testing, I found that my iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel phones charged very quickly. My iPhone used a standard Lightning charging cable while the Pixel used the USB-C cable that came with the battery. Both devices gained a charge and  I didn’t notice any heating issues (the battery did not heat up and neither did the device). While it’s great that the Razor Platinum can charge either of my mobile phones, I was really interested to see how it would work with my MacBook Pro (Late 2016).

myCharge Razor Platinum

It’s the new edition of the laptop and accepts a charge from an 87W USB-C power adapter. The MacBook uses a 29W power adapter and the Razor outputs to 36W of power. So, I used the Apple USB-C charging cable for the MacBook Pro (as directed by the Razor’s quick start guide) to attempt charging. Unfortunately, the laptop did not accept a charge, but it acted like it would. The battery level indicator in the menu bar shows that it’s plugged in for charging and it states that the power source is a Power Adapter, but it doesn’t actually charge.

The Razor Platinum Portable Charger is a very nice, large capacity battery. I like that it gives you options for charging multiple devices and I especially love the pass through charging feature. I hope that sometime in the future there is a version of this battery that offers a high wattage output so that I can use it for portable charging of my MacBook Pro.

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