HubMax provides a powerful charging tool for mobile devices.

If you are anything like me, you have to charge your mobile devices throughout the day. I am a heavy phone user (iPhone 6) and I drain my battery through normal activities like checking email and making phone calls. Sometimes, I will just leave it plugged in while I’m sitting at my desk, but some days, like today, I wasn’t able to and now, as I sit watching TV in the evening, I’m down to 11% on my cell phone. With several hours still left in the day, that’s not enough battery life to get me through until I can put my phone on its dock. for the night. So, what do I do? Well, the options I have before me are this –

  1. I could go ahead and put my phone on my dock. The problem with that is I am supposed to stay connected to my work email throughout the evening. So this isn’t really a good option.
  2. I could use a Lightning cable and plug it into my computer or wall. This poses an issue because then I’m tethered to a cable.
  3. I could put a battery case on my phone. I’m not really a big fan of battery cases sometimes because they usually aren’t compatible with my charging dock.

After these main charging options, the most viable option for me is a portable battery. There are a lot of choices for battery packs, but I tend to like the ones that have built in cables. They keep things simple and make the portable battery pack more portable. MyCharge has a great family of battery packs that I like called the Hubs. I’ve been fortunate to be able to try out the HubMax over the past couple of weeks and it may be my primary battery solution from here on out.

MyCharge HubMax Portable Battery REVIEW The Ultimate Powerbank for Everyday Use

The MyCharge HubMax has a 10050 mAh battery capacity. It has two integrated cables –  Micro USB and Lightning – plus a standard USB port for you to plug in other devices as needed. Both charging cables provide smart-sense to push out the right amount of power to the right device. It does support charging larger devices like tablets. So, if you plug your tablet in, the battery pack will detect that it’s connected to a tablet and allocate the right amount of power to it without overloading it.

MyCharge HubMax provides ultra-fast charging of your devices – up to 65% faster than its competitors. Not only does the battery charge devices quickly, but the battery itself also recharges up to 50% faster than its competitors. Another charging perk of the battery is that it works as a pass-through charger. You can plug the HubMax into recharge and then plug a device into it and the battery will charge the device first. There are a lot of portable batteries that offer this luxury, but the HubMax will actually charge the power bank and the connected device simultaneously. That is unique.

As I mentioned, I have had the opportunity to work with the HubMax for a couple of weeks. It’s been a complete Godsend because there has been more than one time where I didn’t have enough juice in my phone’s battery to make it through the day. Out of the box, the HubMax has a charge to it. This is unique to the MyCharge products. It’s a very nice feature because you could be traveling in an airport and need to charge your phone quickly. You could pick up a MyCharge battery and be able to use it straight out of the package. One of my favorite features of the HubMax is that you can charge it directly by plugging it into the wall with its built-in plug.

MyCharge HubMax Portable Battery REVIEW The Ultimate Powerbank for Everyday Use

The HubMax is a bit on the heavy side. It weighs just over one pound and is a little bulkier than other power banks. I found that it was a little difficult to carry around easily in my pocket, but had no issues with carrying it in my purse or laptop bag. It’s very durable with an aluminum case, so I don’t have any concerns about it getting beat up in my laptop bag.

Now, you are probably wondering, “How well does it charge.?” I’ve been very happy with the HubMax’s performance. Because it has such a large capacity, it does take a while to charge. I would recommend plugging it in when you go to bed at night – like you would drop your phone on its dock – and then carry it with you during the day. HubMax does warm up a bit when charging, but that’s normal for a portable battery and I didn’t find it to be anything of concern.

Charging my iPhone 6 is very easy. I simply pull out the Lightning cable, plug it into my phone’s Lightning port, and tap the power button on the battery. My phone gained a little more than 1% per minute as it charged. During one test, it gained 8% battery power within a 7-minute time span. With the HubMax being 10050 mAh, it can charge my iPhone 6 more than 5.5 times. I love having the such a large capacity battery with me because I can charge it up full and then carry it for several days without worrying about it discharging and not being able to charge my phone.

MyCharge HubMax Portable Battery REVIEW The Ultimate Powerbank for Everyday Use

Not too long ago, I was a part of the Pokemon Go craze. I would take walks during lunch at work and search for the wild creatures using my iPhone. This added activity on my phone drained the battery even faster than my normal daily use. The MyCharge HubMax made my Pokemon hunting much easier. I was able to plug my phone in and go without having to worry about being near a power outlet for my phone. The HubMax is a great portable battery companion for regular mobile device users. With it being just about the same size as my phone, it’s compact enough to carry with you wherever you go, plus it has the added convenience of built-in charging cables. The HubMax will quickly become the accessory that you can’t leave home without.

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