Get powerful battery for 50% off!

The one complaint most smartphone users can agree on is the need for more battery life. All of those rounds of Candy Crush, social media stalking and texting can really do a number on a smartphone’s battery, but most people don’t have time to sit by a wall outlet while it recharges it. The myCharge HubPlus Turbo is the first charger to feature both Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which provides users with a recharge that is 75% faster than using a power block. The all-in-one charger comes equipped with built in Apple Lightning and USB-C charging cords as well as built-in wall prongs on the back to directly recharge the unit. 

Starting November 28 (Black Friday), the myCharge HubPlus Turbo will be offered for 50% on Amazon! This deal expires December 2, 2019.