The Swiss Army knife of portable chargers

One thing I feel I can never have enough of is portable chargers. I’m always on the go and need different options for charging a variety of devices. This is why I’ve always liked the MyCharge hub chargers. They provide built-in cables for charging and have a lot of power behind them. I was very excited to be able to test out the Hub 18W Turbo, which is a new charger from MyCharge.


The MyCharge Hub Turbo is capable of charging devices with up to 18W of power delivery. It’s a portable charger and is designed with fast-charging capabilities like Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. The Hub Turbo can charge smartphones up to 75% faster than traditional power banks. The charger has integrated Apple Lightning and USB-C cables built-in as well as a USB-A port. To recharge the battery, you just plug it into a power outlet. Should you need to charge with something other than a Lightning or USB-C cable, you have the flexibility to do so thanks to the built-in USB-A port. 

MyCharge Hub 18W Turbo Portable Charger


The MyCharge Hub Turbo charger is a self-contained charging station. It does have a larger footprint than some power banks, but it is incredibly convenient since it doesn’t require any additional cables. I’ve been a fan of MyCharge batteries for a while now and was excited to test out this more powerful charging option. The sample I received came in a large reviewer box with colorful pictures on the front of various people (and pets even) using phones. The tagline on the front of the box reads, “Most likely stolen by friends & family.” Since this is a media sample box, I’ve sure that the retail packaging is quite different. That said, the interior of the box has a perfectly sized cutout for the battery and some images that show the difference between other power banks and the MyCharge Hub Turbo. 

MyCharge Hub 18W Turbo Portable Charger

This battery is really well built. It is fairly heavy, but since it’s so self-contained, I’m willing to overlook the weight. Out of the box, the battery was charged 100% and ready to be used. I like that the built-in cables have notches on them for easy removal. If you simply place a fingernail on the edge of one of the cables and pull it down, the cable pops out and is ready for use. I also love that the battery only requires a power outlet to recharge. You don’t have to worry about finding the correct charging port or cable to recharge it. You simply have to flip the prongs down and then place it in an outlet. 

The only feature missing from the Hub Turbo is wireless charging, which is something that many smartphone users have become accustomed to. It’s not really a black mark against the product, but something I wish could be included in future iterations of the charger. To test the charger, I plugged the Lightning cable into my iPhone 12 Pro and let it charge for 10 minutes. After the time elapsed, I looked at how much battery life was gained during that time and divided that percentage by 10. That gave me the estimated charging rate of 0.4% per minute.  

MyCharge Hub 18W Turbo Portable Charger


The MyCharge Hub Turbo is a great option for portable charging. As I mentioned, the only thing It’s really missing is wireless charging, but even without that, it’s a great charger. 

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