Charge your devices while helping a good cause.

As many times as I’ve seen my battery level dwindle to a pathetic single-digit percentage, you think I would learn to always keep a portable battery at the ready. Unfortunately, some lessons are harder to learn than others and I still catch myself fumbling around for a Lightning cable and power outlet rather than a slim-style power bank that can easily slip into my purse.

I’ve seen a lot of portable batteries in the past few years and one of my favorite designs is from myCharge – the HubMax portable charger. This is because it not only has built-in cables but also because it plugs directly into the wall to recharge its power cell. This makes it super convenient but it is a little bulky for me to carry around in my purse or pocket. Fortunately, myCharge has a line of ultra slim power banks called Home & Go. They not only act as a portable battery but also as a wall charger for your mobile device. One of the reasons I like myCharge and recommend the company’s products to others is because their batteries are safe. I’ve never had any issues with them overheating or not charging my devices. myCharge is a safe and trusted brand. During the month of June, myCharge has released a special edition version of the battery to support Pride Month.


myCharge has committed to supporting the LGBTQ community by releasing this very special edition Home & Go battery. The Limited Edition power bank is white with a Pride Flag heart design stamped on both sides. myCharge has dedicated 5% of sales from the charger to the Trevor Project, the leading national organization (in the U.S.) providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people ages 13-24.

“We wanted to show our support for the LGBTQ community and let them know we proudly stand beside them. Pride Month is packed full of activities that will drain your phone from taking photos, posting on social media and using the GPS for directions. It’s important that we provide the community with a safe and fun way to recharge without the risk of having the battery explode in their bag or pocket, which isn’t uncommon nowadays,” said Julie Pickens, VP of Marketing for myCharge.

myCharge Home and Go Pride Edition Portable Battery REVIEW


The Home & Go Pride Edition battery is a powerful portable charger specifically designed for smartphones. It’s a 2-in-1 charger that contains fold-out prongs to plug directly into a wall outlet. The single USB port provides a1.0 A output and can be used with any USB-A charging cable. The battery uses high-efficiency technology and is a high-density battery, which provides more power in a smaller package. The Home & Go battery has Smartsense technology that can identify any device and provide the proper amount of power for said device. The power bank also provides fast-charging technology for those devices that support it. This can shorten charging time by about 25%. The battery has a 4000 mAh capacity, which is enough to recharge an iPhone 7 and 8 two full times and an iPhone X 1.5 times.


The Home & Go battery is a very sophisticated portable power option. Its super slim design makes it easy to carry around and the single port for USB charging makes it possible for you to charge your device without complications. I love that this battery had a 4-light LED indicator for the battery’s charge. It makes it very easy to determine when you need to plug in the battery for a recharge. I did a couple of rounds of testing with the battery and both times, there was no heat detected from the battery, cable or the phone. I did notice some heat build up while the battery was charging. The source of heat was noted where the prongs connected to the wall outlet.

During the first round of testing, I found that my phone gained 31% battery power within 38 minutes. This is a gain of 0.82% per minute. The second round of testing revealed a slower battery charge. Over a period of 56 minutes, the iPhone 7 gained a total of 35% battery. That’s only 0.63% per minute. The big difference between these two charging sessions is that during the first one, the phone was not in use and the second time I charged it, the phone was being used for audio and video streaming while it was charging. This slowed down the charging rate considerably. The Home & Go still performed admirably.


The Home & Go battery is a solid charging option while on the go. It’s very portable and easy to use. This power bank has a lot to offer users and when you buy the special edition for Pride Month, you can help people in need. myCharge has a really great product with a great purpose.

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