myCharge AMP60K-A Charger gives you a way to always have power.

Tonight I’m reviewing the myCharge AMP60K-A charger and battery combo. A simple, affordable, and indisputably high-quality companion to your mobile devices. Its about the size of a credit card in width and height and about 1″ thick.

I spend a great deal of time on the go. I’m always traveling, camping, boating, or on an adventure trip of some sort. Being inseparable from my digital devices on the trips inevitably leaves me needing to charge them up. Portable batteries with USB charging ports are the way to go especially for the latest devices which rarely have swap-able batteries anymore.

myCharge AMP60K-A Charger Review

The myCharge has 2 USB charging ports, a simple charge indicator, activation switch, and a built in self charging plug. This last part makes this device very special for me. I don’t want to have to pack a separate charger for my portable battery if I can help it. The myCharge lets me just pack it and leave all my other chargers at home. A simple satisfying “flick” of the fingers swings out a 2 prong wall plug that fits in any outlet. It even supports 240V so when you are outside of the US you can use it (with a simple outlet adapter of course). When I need to top up during a flight or on the road I can plug my devices in and let them charge, and when I get to where I’m going I can use any outlet to charge the battery back up AND continue to charge my devices. Simple, effective, and once you have it you won’t want to be without it.

myCharge AMP60K-A Charger Review

The myCharge was easily able to fully charge my LG G3 twice on its internal battery. It features 2.4 amp output and my tablet and phone both charged at the speed they do when plugged into the wall. At a recent party, which in today’s world you will find at least one millennial with a dead phone battery, friends were thankful it was small enough for me to carry with me and impressed with the performance of the device as it charged their phones so they could continue ignoring conversation for the glow of their screens.

myCharge AMP60K-A Charger ReviewThis device is close to perfect for my needs, but if it only had a built in USB micro cable so I wouldn’t have to carry one of those it would be just that much sweeter. I tend to leave a 1′ USB cable plugged in at all times so I can grab and go.

I highly recommend the myCharge portable battery and charger for anyone who finds themselves running out of power on their devices while away from home and wants the added benefit of never being without a way to charge your devices up.

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