Build better habits with My Reasons giving you the support you need on a daily basis.

Everyone has a reason for doing what they do every day. Some people stay in jobs they don’t particularly like because they have a family to support and some people go back to school after years so that their futures have a better chance of being improved. Whatever the reason – your kids, spouses, parents, friends, yourself – there is always a reason. It is with that in mind that Binary Formations developed a set of apps for Apple products (iOS, Mac, and Apple TV) to help you stay on track with your goals and develop healthier habits.

My Reasons Habit Builder App REVIEW My Reasons Habit Builder App REVIEW My Reasons Habit Builder App REVIEW

My Reasons is a utility app that gives you reminders of why you should be improving your habits. The best part is that this is set up completely by you. It’s 100% customized based off of your desires and will to get better. Let’s say that you want to drink more water. You would simply enter a ‘new habit’ with a simple description. Then you would add your reasons for wanting to improve that habit – better health, feel better, etc. – and photos that inspire you for making better choices. Lastly, you enter a schedule and set any reminders you may need. That’s pretty much it. The app will make a unique animation out of your custom information and show it whenever you open the app. Thereby, illustrating your reasons for making better choices.

My Reasons Habit Builder App REVIEW

One of the things I like the most about My Reasons is that it is available on all Apple platforms AND it syncs your data through iCloud. Binary Formations did a wonderful job of making it work with the Apple ecosystem. The app takes advantage of all the major features that Apple’s operating systems have to offer. For example, on the iOS version, there is a widget for the Today View in the Notification Center. You will see any tasks that you have listed in the app that have not been marked for the day. When you tap on it, it will take you directly to the app. It’s a great integration with what Apple already has in place. I love apps that do this.

So, why should you have all versions of the app on all platforms? Because if you are truly trying to improve your habits, you will want as much motivation as possible and if you see the reasons throughout your day no matter what device you are on, those habits will become second nature. Repetition does help to build habits.

My Reasons Habit Builder App REVIEW

All of the apps work very closely together but have some fundamental differences. The Mac version of My Reasons exists as a menu bar utility. When you click on the icon, you see the animations and list. You can add to your list and mark off items all right there in the menu bar. The iOS app is probably where I would start your lists because it’s so easy to add images and effects to your list. Once you start your list there, you can use the other platforms to support. The Apple TV version is really just for viewing the habits you set up and checking the tasks off your list when you complete them. You always have to use the iOS or Mac app to enter the habits for them to appear on the TV.

My Reasons Habit Builder App REVIEW

My Reasons Habit Builder App REVIEW

My Reasons is a really nice app for trying to build good, solid habits. I love that it works with all the Mac platforms and works well. If you are looking for a great set of apps for forming habits, try My Reasons.

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